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Professional Pastry Display Cases

Professional pastry display cases with distinctive Italian design and high-level technical features: ISA offers a wide range of products to suit your needs. Multifunctional, adaptable and elegant pastry display cases, a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Pentagram Display
Professional pastry display cabinet for an excellent product visibility.
Pentagram Beta
Perfect visual alignment and display flexibility to the entire Pentagram bar counter collection.
Pentagram Alpha
A real treasure chest for storing your products in an extraordinarily refined way.
Supercapri Pas
The synthesis of an essential design and high-level technical features.
Stratos Pas
Stratos is the high-end display cabinet that combines maximum technical performance with aesthetics.
New Metro with small size, high volume and great versatility, available in two versions ST and ST Self.
Millennium Pas
The ventilated refrigeration pastry display cabinet with a finned evaporator.
OneShow Base
An essential design and a wonderful look for ice creams give birth to OneShow.
Oneshow Free
The Oneshow Free model is the perfect professional showcase for ice cream and pastry.
Diva pas
Diva is the new exponent of the elegance by Isa: a perfect balance between design, aesthetics and functionality.
Metro Combi
Metro Combi is the new multifunctional showcase with one display case, two expositive compartments and three services.
3D Show Pas
The 3D Show pastry display cabinet represents the perfect way to exalt the food appeal of the displayed products.
Supershow Pas
Supershow is a combination of surfaces, materials and transparencies that revolutionize the standards of artisanal pastry.
Kaleido Pas
Is an innovative pastry display cabinet that’s equipped with ventilated refrigeration, as well as an exclusive “Full Mode” system.
Kelly pas
You'll perfectly store, arrange and display all your products at any time of day.
Pagoda K
Created by ISA with Ernst Knam, is the new archetype of a professional confectionery display. Elegant, transparent, technological.
Cristal Tower
Catches the eyes of your customers and encourages them to buy your masterpieces.