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Pentagram Beta

Perfect visual alignment and display flexibility

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Pentagram Beta | ISA

Perfect integration

Integration and flexibility.
These are the keywords of Pentagram Beta, which offers perfect visual alignment and display flexibility to the entire Pentagram bar counter collection.

The Flat display enhances any type of product, even those of small dimensions. Totally customisable both externally and inside the tub with materials of the highest aesthetic and technical performance.

Available Plug-in or Remote, in the linear version with lengths from 100 to 200 cm (25 cm pitch) and 150 cm in the left or right end version.

TN RV Ventilated Chiller


Display case with ventilated refrigeration and automatic defrost by stopping the compressor and positive temperature.
Ideal for fresh products, pastry and beverages.

Also available with Hot plate Dry

TN RV CH Chocolate Chiller


Display case with ventilated refrigeration and automatic defrost by stopping the compressor and relative humidity control via probe, positive temperature +14°C/+16°C, ideal for chocolate and pralines.

The addition of a dedicated electronic control kit allows humidity to be regulated creating the ideal conditions for maintaining chocolate below 50% relative humidity. The perfect display case for preserving the quality and taste of your creations.

TC S Dry Heated


The display case is equipped with a hotplate made of scratchproof stratified ceramic with heated glass, which can be easily removed for cleaning thanks to the stainless steel handle. The operating temperature on the hotplate can be adjusted by an electronic control unit up to a maximum of 80°C.

Flat exposition

The Flat display enhances products, even small ones, on a continuous display surface made of Solid Surface that can be highly customised.
The shelves are adjustable to three positions with a 20 mm pitch and can accommodate 60x40 cm trays (not supplied).


Technical features

Pentagram Beta


  • Plug-in
  • Remote (optional)


  • +4/+8 °C (Pastry)
  • +14/+16 °C (Chocolate)
  • +65 °C (Hot plate)


  • R290


  • Ventilated


  • Hermetic


  • Off cycle

Climate class

  • 3

Glass structure

  • Extra clear glued glass case with LED lights and sliding doors

Rear closing system

  • Polycarbonate sliding doors

Inside finish

  • Solid surface or quartz


  • Led 5700 K

Equipment handling

  • Heigh adjustable feet


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Energy Label

Pentagram Beta 100R290117100Energy label
Pentagram Beta 125R290117125Energy label
Pentagram Beta 150R290117150Energy label
Pentagram Beta 175R290117175Energy label
Pentagram Beta 200R290117200Energy label