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The professional range of blast chillers, refrigerated cabinets
and counters for commercial catering equipment.


Blast Chillers, Commercial Refrigerators and Counters

The range of professional equipment for ISA’s commercial catering equipment has been updated with a new series
of blast chillers, refrigerated cabinets and counters. A complete refrigeration system for holding and storage that combines ergonomics and energy savings with a minimalist aesthetic design based on rigorous geometric lines that highlight its cleanliness and essentiality.

Blast Chillers

Preparation, storage and service

The range of professional blast chillers has been designed to meet the demands of the commercial catering equipment, from bakeries to gelato and pastry shops, as well as the catering and food industry sectors. ISA blast chillers combine power and innovation with maximum environmental sustainability and energy saving. Ergonomics and minimal aesthetics linked to strict geometric lines that highlight the cleanliness and essentiality.
Commercial Refrigerators

The ideal cold for storage

Refrigerated storage at the service of a range of commercial refrigeratos for professional kitchen in different capacities with single and double doors. Ventilated or static refrigeration and positive or negative temperature. Design for everyday use; 80 mm insulation thickness for greater energy savings and ergonomics designed to ensure comfort in set-up, handling and everyday maintenance. Committed to the environment, refrigerant gases and natural insulation at the heart of performance. Energy saving and respect for the environment are the focus of performance.
Refrigerated Counters

Unlimited storage configurations

The Lab range of refrigerated counters is available in 2P, 3P and 4P models that can be configured between drawers, doors or tops. Infinity of combinations and practical design to adapt to the needs of any work environment. Positive or negative ventilated refrigeration characterized by its conveyed air flow, to optimize the homogeneous distribution of cold. At the heart of the performance is energy saving and respect for the environment.

Thanks to ISA’s Research and Development we can offer you a wide, unique range of display cases that use the natural refrigerants R290 and R744. Buying an ISA product means choosing a product with high added value in terms of sustainability and technology, as well as already in line with European regulations.


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