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The challenge that ISA aims to succeed in every day is to find the right solution to all the individual needs of Layout. Putting at your disposal the best of technology and architecture of the chilled foods industry.

Armadi e Tavoli da Laboratorio
Project Aria: to develop while respecting the environment. For ISA, sustainability is not only confined to the product but encompasses a great deal more: it is also a production process and is, above all, respect for the person and the environment.


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Conservation of chocolate, the importance of humidity and its control
Chocolate and pralines are not just any gastronomic creations: they are authentic bijou and, as such, they deserve a worthy presentation, not only from an aesthetical point of view, but also from an exquisitely technical one.
How to store artisanal and packaged ice cream
The goodness of artisan gelato is a direct consequence not only of the raw material, but also of the way it is stored. Following the right steps is important, not only to maintain the aesthetic quality of the product, but also to preserve the pleasure of tasting.
Dark Kitchen: what they are and why they are having unexpected success
The world of catering is constantly evolving, thanks to the current scenario and the growing success of food delivery apps. The tasting of food, more and more often, is set within the walls of the home, in the company of family, close friends.