Euroshop News 2020

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Coral, Diamond e Onyx

The new range of remote multidecks

Coral, Diamond e Onyx

The new generation remote multidecks 2020

Open front remote multideck for the display of packaged products: meat, dairy products, fruit&vegetabless.

Remote multideck with doors for the display of packaged products: meat, dairy products, fruit&vegetables.

Low front open remote multideck for the display of packaged products: meat, dairy products, fruit&vegetables.

Remote semi-vertical multideck with doors for the display of packaged products: meat, dairy products, fruit&vegetables.


A new category of Plug-in, all natural


Panda, Okys, Dream e Galaxy with R290 and R744

The world of retail trade is constantly evolving: new formats are designed and developed rapidly, and roll-out times are increasingly frantic. Refrigerated merchandisers must guarantee simplicity and flexibility both in the design phase and in the installation phase, typical features of plug-in equipment. At the same time, however, refrigerated diplays are required to load high product volumes, with performances that are normally achieved only with remote installations: the new retail formats are designed to adapt both to hypermarkets and to the medium and small surfaces of the urban context. From the synthesis of these two requirements ISA Superplug-in has been conceived: a series of products that thanks to technologically advanced refrigerating units based on natural refrigerants maximizes the cabinets’ facing and their display capacity, reducing energy consumption and noise emissions. ISA Superplug-in: entire supermarkets with plug-in installation.


The third way to impulse shopping

Smartflex technology

ISA patented technology

The exclusive technology patented by ISA that enhances product visibility but significantly lowers power consumption. Thanks to its revolutionary system of mobile wings that open “on demand”, Smartflex technology introduces a new concept of display units into the world of professional refrigeration. Taking a conventional wall-mounted display unit as a reference, with the Smartflex technology, depending on use, you can obtain energy savings of over 40%.

New Metro

Small size, high volume and great versatility

Metro ST e Self

Perfect display for all products

Visibility and capacity of Metro ST (with glass front) and Metro ST Self (without glass front). Channeling the two versions means that multipurpose areas can be set up. The ventilated refrigeration, humidity control and heated top make Metro the ideal display case for displaying and selling a wide range of products: Pastry, Chocolate, Food & Beverage. Lots of choices, just one product.


The new 2020 product range

Pentagram deli

The exclusive serve-over counter by Citterio

Pentagram deli

New 2020

Pentagram Deli is an exclusive serve-over counter for the display of refined products such as fresh meats, cured meats, and dairy products. Pentagram Deli combines elegance and ergonomics offering customers a “total vision” of the displayed products and a remarkable practicality in daily operations. Pentagram Deli features ventilated refrigeration with humidity control (in the HUR Meat version), straight tilt-down glass and LED lighting.

Pentagram backery

Refined modular back bar and shelving system for bread and non-refrigerated products 

Pentagram bakery

New 2020

Pentagram Bakery is a refined modular back bar and shelving system (50 cm step) for the display of fresh bread and non-refrigerated products. Four different types of shelves, with three inclination levels, where bread of different size and shapes can be displayed thanks to easy and tools free layout changes. Additional storage compartments – easily accessible during the daily operations – increase the overall storage capacity. Thanks to the integrated LED lighting and double lighting on shelves (both bottom and rear-mounted), Pentagram Bakery offers the greatest product visibility.