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The evolution of legendary professional display cabinet.
Model year 2019

The New Cristal Tower

Exhibition strength, food appeal and high performance.
Model year 2019


Store, arrange and display all your products.
Appeal without frontiers


Gelato & Pastry

Look at the Hi-end range of professional ice cream and pastry cases,
commercial refrigerators and refrigerated counters.

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Professional Ice Cream Display Cases
Gelato & Pastry
From the classic and characteristic ice cream cart to the most innovative ice cream display case, discover the entire Hi-end range that is dedicated to the world of professionals. Professional ice cream display cases with unique Italian design and high-level technical features, never forgetting elegance and functionality.
Professional Pastry Display Cases
Gelato & Pastry
Professional pastry display cases with distinctive Italian design and high-level technical features: ISA offers a wide range of products to suit your needs. Multifunctional, adaptable and elegant pastry display cases, a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.
Professional Chocolate Display Cases
Gelato & Pastry
Professional chocolate display cases for displaying and preserving chocolate and praline works: with distinctive Italian design and high-end technical features, vertical and horizontal display cases to bring out the flavor and aroma of chocolate with elegance and functionality.
Gelato & Pastry | ISA

The challenge that ISA aims to succeed in every day is to find the right solution to all the individual needs of Layout. Putting at your disposal the best of technology and architecture of the chilled foods industry.


Events and News

ISA Collection Preview, <br>Host Milano 2023
From Oct. 13 to 17, the 43rd edition of Host Milano 2023, the world trade fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality, came to life, during which ISA presented its new proposals for refrigeration technology and new furniture lines to design and create all-day-long layouts suitable for any public venue furnishing project.
Selling ice cream outdoor: how to
Il gelato on the road è un autentico rito che ha il sapore della tradizione. Nulla può eguagliare il fascino del carretto di gelati carico di delizie itineranti. Gli espositori più innovativi proiettano la vendita di gelati outdoor in una nuova era, senza perdere questa aura quasi mitica.
24 March, “Gelato Day” is celebrated across Europe
On 24 March, the 11th edition of the European Artisanal Gelato Day will be celebrated: a unique opportunity to pay homage to one of the world's best-loved products and promote artisan knowledge and the development of the sector's gastronomic tradition.