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The evolution of legendary professional display cabinet.
Model year 2019

The New Cristal Tower

Exhibition strength, food appeal and high performance.
Model year 2019


Store, arrange and display all your products.
Appeal without frontiers


Gelato & Pastry

Look at the Hi-end range of professional ice cream and pastry cases,
commercial refrigerators and refrigerated counters.

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Professional Ice Cream Display Cases
Gelato & Pastry
Look at the Hi-end range of display cases for professional ice cream shops.
Professional Pastry Display Cases
Gelato & Pastry
Look at the exclusive range of display cases for professional pastry shops.
Professional Chocolate Display Cases
Gelato & Pastry
Look at professional display cases selection for the finest chocolate shops.

The challenge that ISA aims to succeed in every day is to find the right solution to all the individual needs of Layout. Putting at your disposal the best of technology and architecture of the chilled foods industry.


Events and News

How to furnish an ice cream shop: tips, basic tools and trends
The contemporary ice cream shop is versatile, efficient and visually essential. At the same time, it is increasingly attentive to innovative solutions in terms of technology, to simplify the service and achieve the highest level of quality.
Sigep 2022, New Date!
12-16 March, here are the new dates for Sigep 2022. The most important professional event in the world dedicated to Artisan Gelato and the Art of Confectionery has been moved to March due to the evolution of the pandemic that wouldn't allow a significant participation either from Italy or abroad.
Hizone wins the Archiproducts Design Awards 2021
We are delighted to have been honored among the winners of the sixth edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards with Hizone's Expo Wine 2T product in the Kitchen category.