Frozen Food Display Freezer | ISA

Frozen Food Display Freezers

Refrigerated displays for frozen products, fresh food and beverages: ISA offers you wall-mounted, vertical or forecounter, combined temperature, static or ventilated refrigeration solutions. For your business only the best in design and technology.

Galaxy TB
Wall-site multideck for the display of frozen food.
Marin 1000
Upright display cabinet with ventilated refrigeration.
Marin TB
Upright display cabinet with static refrigeration.
Vertical Combi
Display freezer/cooler with combined temperature.
Panoramic island-site case for frozen food.
Tornado 470 MY23
Vertical display for frozen food, ice cream and pastries.
Tornado 1000 MY23
Vertical display for frozen food with ventilated refrigeration and Power Unit.
Promotional display cabinet for the display of ice cream and/or pre-packaged fresh products.
Promotional display cabinet for frozen food and pre-packaged fresh products and beverage.