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The upright display cabinet for frozen food


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Look at the promotional ice cream cabinets, frozen food dispaly freezers,
dairy display cabinets and commercial beverage coolers.

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Thanks to ISA’s Research and Development we can offer you a wide, unique range of display cases that use the natural refrigerants R290 and R744. Buying an ISA product means choosing a product with high added value in terms of sustainability and technology, as well as already in line with European regulations.


Events and news

ISA Safety System: safe at work thanks to technology
ISA has put in place a series of safety reinforcing actions thus implementing, among the first in Italy, a high-tech SWAT system - System Workers Advance Tracing to guarantee the highest safety standards.
Stopping now is necessary to start again stronger than before
"For ISA, safety and trust of both our employees and customers are essential. Stopping now is necessary, to start again stronger than before." Message from the Chief Executive Officer of ISA SpA Marco Giulietti.
One-stop-shopping for unique “multi-specialty” food display equipment
Following the great success of the Host fair in Milan, ISA meets the appointment with the most important fair in the world of the retail trade as a leading player.