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Find out the whole range of traditional serve over counters, multideck and semi-vertical freezers and chillers, islands and promotional display freezers.

From the closed upright display freezers for the sale of frozen products to the open refrigerated wall display for the sale of cheese, dairy and fresh pre-packaged products, in this section you will find a product for every demand. Plug-in or remote, discover all the technology behind ISA's range of products.
Serve-Over Counters
A wide range of serve-over counters, from the plug-in multifunctional display case with display compartments and various services to the cutting-edge food refrigeration counter with flat and curved glass. ISA offers you the best in technology to showcase all your products at all times of the day.
Back Counters
Remote open wall-mounted back counters for the sale of cold cuts and cheeses. ISA offers refrigerated furniture solutions for supermarkets, butcher stores, grocery stores and delicatessens
Horizontal freezers for displaying fresh or pre-packaged products, for ice cream and frozen foods, plug-in or remote: among ISA's refrigerated islands, you'll find the one that perfectly suits your needs. Technology, functionality and design at the heart of every horizontal freezer, discover the full range.
Promotional Displays
Promotional displays for the presentation of fresh or pre-packaged products, for ice cream and frozen foods: among ISA's refrigerated promo islands you will find the product that perfectly fits the furnishing needs of supermarkets, grocery stores and delicatessens.
Combination Displays
Combination displays for the sale of ice cream and pre-packaged frozen products. Learn about ISA's remote combination cabinets for refrigeration and supermarket furniture.

Smartflex, one of the latest examples of innovative ISA patented technology, introduces a new concept of display units into the world of professional refrigeration.

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Galaxy is ISA’s plug-in multideck, which stands out for its large and attractive display surface area, as well as for its wide range of models. Available in two different heights and four lengths, Galaxy is multiplexable and it can be open front or closed by three different door systems. Galaxy fits with elegance in all sales areas, from proximity stores to hypermarkets.

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Events and News

ISA presents Genesis at Milano Design Week
In occasione dell’edizione 2024 del Salone del Mobile, dal 15 al 21 aprile a Milano, ISA realtà industriale tra leader mondiali nella refrigerazione professionale e dell’arredamento di locali pubblici, presenta Genesis, il frigo-bar nato dall’incontro tra il know-how tecnologico dell’azienda e la cultura industriale ispirata al miglior design italiano.
ISA Collection Preview, <br>Host Milano 2023
From Oct. 13 to 17, the 43rd edition of Host Milano 2023, the world trade fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality, came to life, during which ISA presented its new proposals for refrigeration technology and new furniture lines to design and create all-day-long layouts suitable for any public venue furnishing project.
Selling ice cream outdoor: how to
Il gelato on the road è un autentico rito che ha il sapore della tradizione. Nulla può eguagliare il fascino del carretto di gelati carico di delizie itineranti. Gli espositori più innovativi proiettano la vendita di gelati outdoor in una nuova era, senza perdere questa aura quasi mitica.