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Professional Ice Cream Display Cases

From the classic and characteristic ice cream cart to the most innovative ice cream display case, discover the entire Hi-end range that is dedicated to the world of professionals. Professional ice cream display cases with unique Italian design and high-level technical features, never forgetting elegance and functionality.

Pentagram Display
Professional ice cream display cabinet for an excellent product visibility.
Synthesis of an essential design and high-level technical features
The only professional display cabinet with two 5 lt.
A mix between maximum technical performance and Italian design.
OneShow Base
An essential design and a wonderful look for ice creams give birth to OneShow.
Oneshow Free
The Oneshow Free model is the perfect professional showcase for ice cream and pastry.
Diva is the new exponent of the elegance by Isa
The Ice Cream Cart
The cart is the ideal solution for free-standing installations and outdoor sales promotions.
Millennium is the ice cream display cabinet that thousands of bars, ice cream shops and vendors all over the world have already chosen for its reliability and performance.
3D Show
3DShow is the ideal format to maximize the display appeal of artisanal ice cream.
You’ll store, arrange and display all your products in state-of-the art fashion at any time of day.
Supershow is the ideal format to maximize the display appeal of artisanal ice cream.
Cristal Tower
Catches the eyes of your customers and encourages them to buy your masterpieces.
The solidity of Kaleido derives from the selection of top quality materials such as steel and glass.
Pozzetti with ventilated refrigeration with static induction refrigeration technology.
The Ice Cream Cart
The authentic tribute to the ice cream carts of long ago that filled the streets of the country with happiness becoming in time.