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Cristal Tower

Exhibition strength, food appeal and high performance

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Cristal Tower | ISA

Exhibition strength, food appeal and high performance. Cristal Tower is ideal for the display and sale of pastry, chocolate and ice cream products.

Thanks to its generous display space, which is visible from all four sides, Cristal Tower enhances the products from every point of view.

The evaporator, positioned at the bottom, allows free reign to the eye, letting it be captured by your creations.

High visibility

From any point from which one views it, Cristal Tower enhances your products to perfection, thanks to the large glass areas and to the tempered glass shelves that can be adjusted in height thanks to the racks integrated into the column.

Touch screen display

The touch screen display is integrated into the glass front panel and adds a touch of class to the design of the Cristal Tower. Just touch the icons to adjust the temperature and lights.

Cristal Tower | ISA

Heated glass

Condensation is not a problem, even in difficult climatic conditions, thanks to the heated side and front windows.
On request, the Antifog function is available, which prevents the natural fogging of the windows upon the opening of the door.

Premium Materials

Glass and steel. Noble materials that make Cristal Tower a refined and uncompromising product. Available in the colour choices of white or black for better integration with the furnishing lines of any room.

Product range

Cristal Tower | ISA
Cristal Tower

Ventilated Chiller/Freezer

RV TB/TN -18°C/+10°C

• 5 adjustable glass shelves (LH - no. 3)
• 5 swivel glass shelves

Cabinet with ventilated refrigeration with hot gas defrost, temperature -18°C/+10°C, adjustable for negative and positive temperatures, ideal for gelato, frozen desserts and pastry.

Dual Temperature

The standard function allows Cristal Tower to switch from negative to positive temperatures with extreme simplicity, allowing you to manage a wider range of products in order to respond to market tastes and trends, as well as to seasonality.

Cristal Tower
Cristal Tower | ISA

Static Freezer

RS TB -15°C/-18°C

• 5 fixed evaporating grids (LH - no. 3)

Display cabinet with static refrigeration and manual defrosting, temperature -15°C/-18°C, ideal for gelato, frozen desserts and gelato sticks.

Evaporating shelves

The static refrigeration with fixed evaporating grids generates refrigeration that is uniform, delicate and deep. It's the best way to preserve your frozen pastry creations. On request, it is possible to add an additional bottom shelf, moreover, all the shelves can be supplied with glass to rest on the fixed grids.

Ventilated Chiller

RV TN +1°C/+10°C

• 5 adjustable glass shelves (LH - no. 3)
• 5 swivel glass shelves

Display case with ventilated refrigeration and automatic defrost for compressor stop, positive temperature +1°C/+10°C, ideal for fresh products, pastry products and beverages.

Swivel shelves

In the RV TB/TN and RV TN versions it is possible to request the swivel shelves as an alternative to the standard shelves. The internal structure is composed of a motorised rotating frame with 5 shelves (Ø 52 cm) in extra clear glass.

Cristal Tower
Cristal Tower | ISA

Chocolate and Pastry Chiller

RV TN/CH +14°C/+16°C - +1°C/+10°C

• 5 adjustable glass shelves (LH - no. 3)

Display case with ventilated refrigeration and automatic defrost for compressor stop and relative humidity control via probe, positive temperature +1°C/+16°C, ideal for pralines, chocolate and pastry.

Evaporating shelves

An additional electronic kit allows to set humidity levels in order to create optimal conditions which preserve chocolate at under 50% of humidity. The perfect display cabinet to preserve quality ant taste of your creations.


"Natural" high technology

The refrigeration system is a jewel of high technology and sustainability: R290 natural, with high efficiency hermetic compressor and electronic ventilator. Lower vibrations and noise levels, greater energy efficiency (up to 10% savings) and environmental sustainability, because it is fully compatible with European F-GAS legislation.

Sustainable insulation

The natural CO2 foam insulation guarantees an excellent performance in terms of insulation, resulting in perfect product preservation and reduction of energy consumption.

Natural Refrigerant

-30% Noise

-10% Energy saving

Climatic class 4

Cristal Tower | ISA

Access and handling

The door is equipped with an ergonomic steel handle on its entire height and has an automatic return mechanism that allows perfect and rapid closure. The standard decompression valve allows multiple openings without any problems. Handling is facilitated by pivoting wheels with rear brakes and, as an option, wheels with adjustable feet are also available.

Adjustable lighting

An exceptional product must be illuminated to perfection, this is why Cristal Tower is equipped with four continuous and homogeneous light bars, two in the static version. The Tunable function (standard) allows the millimetric adjustment of the light tone through a special APP available for Android and iOS.

Technical features

Cristal Tower


  • Plug-in


  • +1/+10 °C
  • +14/+16
  • -15/-18 °C


  • Glass shelves
  • Bottom shelf in glass
  • Bottom shelf in glass + Led (optional)
  • Antifog (optional)

Climate class

  • 4 (30 C° / 55% RH)


  • R290


  • Ventilated
  • Statica


  • Hermetic


  • Hot gas
  • Off cycle
  • Manual

Front glass

  • Double

Side glasses

  • Double

Rear closing system

  • Door with automatic closure and spring


  • Tunable

Equipment handling

  • Swivel casters with brake
  • Swivel casters with brake and 2 height adjustable feet (optional)


  • Black
  • White


  • Black RAL 9005
  • White RAL 9003

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People’s Cafè
Bar, Gelato, Pastry shop - 2024
Baiano, Avellino, Italy
Boom Gelato
Ice Cream Shop - 2023
San Mariano di Corciano, Perugia, Italy
Sundaes Gelato
Ice cream, Pastry shop - 2023
London, UK

Energy Label

TB-TNR29016075Energy label
TB-TNR29016093Energy label
TB-TNR29020675Energy label
TB-TNR29020693Energy label
TBR29016075Energy label
TBR29016093Energy label
TBR29020675Energy label
TBR29020693Energy label
TNR29016075Energy label
TNR29016093Energy label
TNR29020675Energy label
TNR29020693Energy label