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ABACO. Displays, storage, furnishings.


Semi-finished products for bars, ice cream parlours, patisseries

With over 50 years of experience globally, ISA has developed ABACO with these key concepts in mind. ABACO is a brand committed to the use of technology in furnishing retail outlets. An entirely new project that provides for the utmost care regarding finishing, the use of high quality materials, and significant focus on energy savings and sustainability with the use of natural refrigerants such as R290. A complete range that allows for the design and implementation of any layout solution for bars, ice cream parlours, patisseries, bakeries, cafeterias and self service areas.

Semi-finished steel products for bars, pastry and ice-cream shop | ISA
Abaco. Displays, storage, furnishings.
  • Sound structure
  • Configurable and customisable
  • Perfect visibility
  • Sustainable
  • IoT 4.0 with ISA Connect
  • A range of excellent showcases
  • You can design all kinds of venues
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Semi-finished steel products for bars, pastry and ice-cream shop | ISA
  • 3D layout management
  • Always up-to-date prices
  • Simple and immediate quotes
  • Orders in real time

All Abaco modules and their countless configurations are collected in a formidable working tool, that besides allowing our customers to receive simple and immediate estimates, represents an extraordinary ally in the hands of our partners and dealers for the elaboration of projects in total autonomy.

The software can in fact be requested and installed on license. With the support and training of our staff, it is possible to make offers with always updated prices, to visualize the projects in 3D and even to insert orders in real time communicating directly with the company.

Semi-finished steel products for bars, pastry and ice-cream shop | ISA


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