Why choose Abaco | ISA

Why choose Abaco

Why choose Abaco | ISA
Abaco. Displays, storage, furnishings.

Sound structure
The structural elements are press-folded in AISI304 stainless steel as well as the shelving and the cell compensators. The work surfaces are made from 10/10 stainless steel with BA finish. The sinks come with recessed surround as standard.

Configurable and customisable
Bar counters Drop-in, in-line, including angular display windows. The display cabinet work surfaces are removable and customisable, the hotplate is made of high-quality ceramic.

Perfect visibility
All display cases and shelves are made of extraclear glass as standard to ensure complete product visibility. Display cabinets are illuminated by high power LEDs.

All the elements of the Abaco range are foamed with CO2 expanders and are equipped with natural refrigerant R290 fully compliant with F-GAS and Energy Label & Ecodesign regulations.

Why choose Abaco | ISA
Abaco. Displays, storage, furnishings.

IoT 4.0 with ISA Connect
Isa’s IoT technology enables connected products for remote monitoring. The operation of the refrigerated displays and counters is under control 24/7 all year round.

A range of excellent showcases
From the minimalist Flat display to the large storage capacity of the self-service or serve-over multi- service display case, as well as the innovative combined display case. The Abaco range also includes a highly innovative ice cream display case. DLT80 is the only professional display case with a double row of 5-liter tubs which is only 80 cm deep. Furthermore, it’s perfectly aligned with Drop-in counters and allows for complete frontal and lateral customization, since the condenser the condenser ventilation is located at the rear.

You can design all kinds of venues
Working with Abaco gives you the ability to complete your projects by choosing from a vast range of professional display units for the ice cream parlour, pastry shop, gastronomy and catering sectors, all bearing the ISA, HIZONE, TASSELLI and COF brands.

Why choose Abaco | ISA