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Touchless Technology

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The revolutionary touchless solution

Smartflex is ISA's exclusive touchless technology which, thanks to its revolutionary system of automatically opening mobile flaps, introduces a new concept in display units to the world of professional refrigeration.

No barriers, more sales

Impulse buying has always driven consumer choices. An open wall display puts no barriers between the consumer and the product. A display closed by glass doors, on the other hand, guarantees energy saving and environmental sustainability.

Impulse buying has always driven consumer choices. An open wall display puts no barriers between the consumer and the product. A display closed by glass doors, on the other hand, guarantees energy saving and environmental sustainability. Smartflex encompasses the advantages of both systems and simultaneously surpasses them: by opening quickly, efficiently and quietly, it enhances the shopping experience, attracts the consumer and increases their natural predisposition to buy.


A healthy retail solution

Smartflex reduces the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria by eliminating the need to touch handles to open refrigerated cabinets, increasing customers' sense of security and trust.
The "hands free" system also requires less time for sanitizing, time that can instead be spent organizing sales.

Smarflex touchless technology in action

Glass door
Glass door
Open Front
Open Front
Energy saving
Impulse purchasing
Customer engagement
Reduced footprint
Simultaneous shopping
Grab & Go (one hand shop)
Customer confort
Operator confort
Product visibility
Adaptive openings
Best performance


ISA Patent

The Smartflex touchless technology is an exclusive patent of ISA, already awarded in 2017 with the Smart Label recognition, reserved for products that stand out for a high innovation content and that propose overcoming established industry trends in terms of functionality, technology and environmental and ethical sustainability.

Natural Refrigerant

Thanks to ISA’s Research and Development the entire range of plug-in multidecks with Smartflex technology runs on R290 natural refrigerant. For ISA, sustainability is not limited to the product itself, but is much more than that: it is also a production process and, above all, it means respecting people and the environment. Purchasing an ISA product means choosing a product with high added value in terms of sustainability and technology, as well as being compliant with European standards.

Natural refrigerant

-40% Energy saving

Energy savings up to 40%

Smartflex combines the advantages of quick and easy accessibility of doorless display units with the reduction of energy consumption and environmental impact provided by the doors. Laboratory tests show that Smartflex displays consume 40% less energy than equivalent open displays.

 | ISA
 | ISA


The use of state-of-the-art technology and the latest generation of linear mechanics allow the Smartflex system to operate automatic doors in complete silence. The absolute acoustic comfort makes the shopping experience extremely pleasant.

As you approach the unit, Smartflex opens quickly and efficiently without any loss of time.

During stress testing, the Smartflex system passed one million opening cycles.

Thanks to the possible adjustments of the presence sensor, the Smartflex system proves to be versatile by adapting to different variables, such as the width of the aisles, the average frequency of activations (for example during peak hours) and the position of the display unit itself (in relation to the walls or in relation to other Smartflex displays).

Performance | ISA

Adjustable Automatic operation Area

The sensor positioned on the display detects the presence and distance of the customer within the area of automatic activation. Some LEDs identify its operation:

Green Light: the sensor is operating and waiting.
Blue Light: the sensor detects a presence in the area farthest from the display.
Red Light: the sensor detects a presence close to the display (safety area).

It is possible to determine the minimum distance the customer must reach before the doors the doors open.
In addition to this, the width of the automatic activation area can also be adjusted:
wide setting for free-standing displays, narrow setting for multiplexeddisplays or those close to a side wall.

More space
for your customer

Reduced footprint

Smartflex is the ideal solution for small premises and narrow aisles.
Smartflex provides a layout that is perfectly optimized in terms of footprint and offers customers an exceptional shopping experience.

Smartflex | ISA
Smartflex | ISA


Ergonomics | ISA

Easy loading

Smartflex automatic doors can be locked in the “open” position by means of a control on the button panel. In this way it is possible to refill the refrigerated display without hindrance and in full safety.

Ergonomics | ISA


There are five controls on the control panel:

- On/Off
- Open (for loading operations)
- Closed (night mode)
- Auto (for automatic opening activated by the presence sensor).
- Timer allows the choice between two preset time delays and regulates the closing of the automatic doors when the sensor no longer detects any presence.

Ergonomics | ISA

Safety system

The Smartflex system is equipped with a safety mechanism that prevents the doors from closing when an obstacle comes between two glass doors.
In the event of a malfunction of the presence sensor (which prevents the doors from closing), when the doors sense the presence of an obstacle, the brackets automatically disengage and the door returns to the "open" position.

Cassette refrigeration

the modular refrigerating unit.

The cassette refrigeration unit integrates all circuit components (condensers, evaporators, compressors) and it is made with a reduced number of parts.
It is completely removable and can also be replaced by non-specialized personnel, or taken to the workshop for repair.
This reduces service costs and avoids interventions inside the premises.
The easy access makes it possible to revise and update the cassette unit, extending the life of the entire refrigerated cabinet.

Improve life time

Reduce operational cost

Upgrade ability

Easy recycling

Coral Smartflex
remote multideck
Kos L150
dual temp plug-in
Galaxy TB 3P
vertical display
Metro ST, Metro ST Self
display cabinet

Endless possibilities

Finishing options

Interior surfaces can be customized with choice of RAL colors or satin stainless steel. Polished stainless steel option is also available for exterior surfaces. The end panels can be blind, with internal mirror or panoramic. In the latter case the glasses have a perimeter serigraphy in anthracite gray, while the structural side in all three cases can be customized with RAL colors.


All vertical and semivertical multidecks featuring Smartflex technology can be multiplexed together to create bespoke lengths and resulting in a spectacular seamless display front.

ISA Connect

Cloud-connected products to facilitate predictive maintenance and continuous monitoring. This is the future.

Remote monitoring of the operation of the display cabinet 24/7 throughout the year. Remote maintenance of the main functions of the display cabinet. Operating statistics and data analysis.


Gateway interface
Controller monitoring
Energy consumption
Advanced monitoring system
Condenser blocked
Refrigerant leakage
High ambient temperature
Controller relay failure
Scheduled maintenance: lifetime counter for compressors, lights and fan motors
Compressor Failure
Controller alarms
High pressure
Condenser fan motor breakage
Evaporator fan motor breakage
Defrost heater broken
Glass heating system failure
Voltage monitoring
Defrost cycle
* coming soon
dual temp plug-in
island system
Coral Smartflex


Product Range

H 205
P 88
L 94, 125, 188
H 205, 225
P 70, 85, 95, 105
L 125, 146, 187, 220, 250, 375