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The Ice Cream Cart

The Ice Cream Cart | ISA
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An icon of traditional Italian ice cream throughout the world.

The Carapine Cart is a new interpretation of the traditional refrigerated cart that shares with the Classic Cart its philosophy and retro design and has the additional advantages of a well counter with circular tubs that allow for excellent ice cream storage and a greater temperature stability of the product, especially in conditions where the temperature and humidity are especially challenging.

Il Carrettino


All the details of the Classic Cart and the Carapine have been designed and manufactured to maintain a high level of service, operator comfort and efficiency in all environmental conditions without sacrificing the esthetic harmony, the craftsmanship and the unique charm that only the ISA ice cream cart can convey.

The Ice Cream Cart | ISA

Technical features

Product temperature-16/-14 °C
DefrostHot gas
Climate class4 (30 C° / 55% RH)
Upper glassSingle; Tempered
Front glassSingle glass; Tempered
Side glassesSingle; Tempered
Rear closing systemTilting panel
Work topStainless steel
LightingLed 5700 K
Equipment handling2 ray wheels and one pivoting wheel
Height118 without curtain, 208 with curtain (cm)
Width183 without curtain, 203 with curtain (cm)
Depth95 without curtain, 128 with curtain (cm)

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