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Selling ice cream outdoor: how to

Selling ice cream outdoor: how to | ISA

Ice cream on the road is an authentic ritual that has the flavor of tradition. Nothing can compare to the allure of the ice cream cart loaded with itinerant treats. The most innovative displays carry the outdoor ice cream sales into a new era, without losing this almost mythical aura.

The traditional pushcart has been joined, over time, by “alternative” solutions such as tricycles, three-wheeled wagon and food trucks, with mobile stations that can be turned into fixed stations if needed. However, the classic cart with sun shade holds a special place in the public’s heart and in terms of image and sales success.

Il Carrettino ISA – Carapine

Prêt-à-porter ice cream: a matter of efficiency

The prerequisite for selling ice cream outdoors is to have a manageable ice cream display case to move nimbly and quickly set up promotional sales and other events. Specifically, the classic cart can be moved easily thanks to the special pivoting wheel. The equipment for the itinerant ice cream sale must provide the necessary range of use and efficient system to optimize refrigeration and lighting. Moreover, another crucial aspects are the operator comfort and the service level, guaranteed by features such as automatic temperature control and a removable basket to facilitate cleaning operations.

Free standing installations and equipment for outdoor ice cream sales must offer maximum efficiency under all conditions of use. This is the case of ISA carts which can captivate the public with their retro look providing, at the same time, high-tech solutions: monolithic shells insulated with eco-friendly CO2-expanded polyurethane, ventilated refrigeration condensing unit, stainless steel tanks and service tops. The monolithic shells are covered with HCFC and HFC free materials. The wells and carapine system ensure an optimal product preservation and high temperature stability, even under demanding environmental and humidity conditions.

How expensive is the equipment?

Selling ice cream outdoors nowadays means focusing everything on quality. The difference is made by the materials performances and the technological solutions adopted. The first element to consider is the installation: in addition to the “plug-in” configuration, which involves installing the motor inside the product, it is possible to choose alternative solutions as, for example, the remote motor that is external to the product.

The cost for the ice cream equipment depends on many other factors. Just to name a few, the climate class (with possible energy-saving LED lighting system), the defrost mode (manual or hot gas), the ventilated refrigeration system (RV), and the presence of motorized closing system. Other aspects to take into consideration are size, weight and ease of handling.

Il Carrettino Classic ISA – Vaschette

Classic or futuristic design?

Choosing the best equipment for outdoor ice cream sales must take into account several requirements. ISA’s signature mobile showcases and display combine aesthetic appeal with innovative technical conception, propelling the ice cream ritual into the future.

Once upon a time, the ice cream cart made children happy. Not only a hymn to Italian artisanal ice cream, but a true icon celebrated by ISA Italy’s Carrettino Classic, equipped with spoked wheels and a fabric sun shade. The retro inspiration also returns in the Carrettino Carapine which shares the construction philosophy with its predecessor, strengthening the efficiency and the technological aspect.

Added to this feature is the ability to access multiple configurations, opting fot products with Plug- in or Remote installation.