Tornado 740 MY23 Display Freezer, Frozen Food, Dairy, Beverage | ISA

Tornado 470 MY23

Tornado 470 MY23 | ISA

Vertical display for frozen food

The Tornado 470 MY23 is a plug-in upright display for storing frozen food, especially ice cream and packaged pastry products.

Power Unit

New 2023

ISA Power Unit is a self-contained refrigeration unit that is inclusive of all the components required to execute the thermodynamic cycle. The components are assembled in a single self-supporting structural housing, complete with external air intake ducts and cooled air supply ducts. Thanks to its Plug & Play system, assembly of the Power Unit is particularly fast and easy and requires no equipment or special training by maintenance technicians. Two types of Power Units are available, the ceiling-mounted, UP version, and the bottommounted, DOWN version. ISA Power Unit cuts operating costs by drastically reducing downtime in case of malfunction, it is easy to reuse or recycle, it is available in TN (medium temp) and TB (low temp) versions, it can be applied to a wide range of different products; it is easy to clean and install, it is sustainable, and it can be easily upgraded to keep up with the latest technological developments of its components.

Tornado 470 MY23 | ISA

Technical features

Configuration6 grids heigh adjustable
Product temperature-18/-16 °C
DefrostHot gas
Climate class5
Front glassHeated double; Anti fog film (optional)
Side panelsInsulated white prepainted sheet
Inside colorWhite prepainted sheet
Opening systemDoor with automatic closure
LightingLed 5700 K
Equipment handlingRollers
Inside colorRAL
Outside colorRAL
Side colorRAL
Height196 (cm)
Width67 (cm)
Depth74 (cm)

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