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Pentagram Display Pastry

Excellent product visibility
Quality, materials and high-level performance with the utmost attention to environmental sustainability.

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Pentagram Display | ISA

Excellent product visibility

The visibility of the ice cream is highlighted by the raised position of the trays and by internal LED lighting with continuous and uniform light.
It is also possible to choose 3 different ways to display the ice cream, according to the 3 types of ventilation available. he heated glass allows you to manage even the most demanding weather conditions.
The double heated side glass and the heated and stratified front glass are able to eliminate the problem of condensation.

Cleaning and maintenance

The front access to the tank takes place thanks to the upward opening of the glass with practical handle and safety locking system. The internal design of the tank makes daily cleaning operations as easy as possible and prevents contamination from external odours thanks to the double water drain (1 inch standard size) positioned on the bottom of the tank, also making extraordinary cleaning
operations simple.

Access to the condensing unit is quick and easy, even when the platform is present, thanks to the optimized rear cover.

Perfect multiplexing

Possibility of continuous linear multiplexing between the various ice cream and pastry display cases without having to resort to the side divider. Available in two different heights, 117 and 135 cm, and in three different lengths plus the corner, all of them able to be perfectly channelled together, Pentagram Display allows you to create continuity and integration in the entire composition of your shop.
Even the shelves are channelled and integrated, enhancing the vision of the product and making your work more comfortable and ergonomic.

Touch display

Electronic control panel with digital touch-screen display.



“Natural” high-end technology

“Natural” high-end technology The refrigeration system is a jewel of high technology and sustainability: dual-circuit refrigeration unit with R290 natural refrigerant, hermetic compressor and reverse cycle defrosting.
Less vibrations and noise (-30% compared to models with R404A), greater energy efficiency (up to 10% savings) and maximum environmental sustainability, because it is fully compatible with European F-GAS legislation.

Reverse cycle defrosting

Reverse cycle defrosting Automatic reverse cycle defrosting allows 50% shorter cycle times compared to hot gas, in order to keep the quality of the ice cream surface intact while also reducing energy consumption. In the pastry version, the defrosting is by compressor stop.
The high efficiency electronic condenser fans contribute to energy savings. Insulation with the Cyclopentane process, having low environmental impact, guarantees insulation performance that is 20% higher than traditional systems.

Natural refrigerant

Reverse cycle

-50% Defrosting time

-30% Noise

-10% Energy saving

Climatic class 7


The Pentagram collection offers a large number of options for customising the front panels.
They can be applied plain or with four different types of milling on Solid Surface, Hardwood or painted MDF.

Refrigerated shelves

The “Full Mode” refrigeration system allows the dynamic cold air distribution inside the whole display area. It makes possible to manage the daily workloads of display case by just pressing a button which allows to switch from non-refrigerated mode to “Full Mode”. deflectors, is suitable for the presentation of “gelato mountains”, but is also perfect for ice cream on a stick.

Dual temperature

The Dual Temperature function (optional) allows one cabinet to offer seasonal flexibility without increasing floor space. In fact, the Gelato display case can easily pass from negative to positive temperature, becoming a Pastry showcase with the addition of stainless-steel trays. The system, in fact, allows to achieve ideal temperature and humidity conditions for the long exposure of fresh pastry, by just use a simple button. On request, it is also possible to apply a glass shelf and LED lighting (5700 K).

Technical features

Pentagram Display Pastry


  • Plug-in
  • Remote (optional)


  • Canalized (optional)
  • Dual temperature (optional)


  • +1/+10 °C


  • R290


  • Ventilated


  • Hermetic


  • Off cycle

Climate class

  • 3

Upper glass

  • Single heated

Front glass

  • Single glass

Side glasses

  • Heated stratified

Opening system

  • Front glass tilted manually

Rear closing system

  • Polycarbonate sliding doors
  • Self-rolling curtain

Work top

  • Quarz-based surface


  • Led 5700 K
  • LED 4000 K


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