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Metro Combi

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Metro Combi

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Ventilated Chiller (RV-TN)

Combi -1°C/+7°C

• 1 glass shelf (H135)

Display case with ventilated refrigeration and automatic defrost by stopping the compressor and positive temperature. Ideal for fresh products, pastry and beverages.

Heated (TC S)

Combi +65°C/+80°C

• 1 glass shelf (H135)

Dry heated display case positive temperature + 65°C/+ 80°C, ideal for delicatessen and snacks.

Dry heated top

Metro TCS has a heated top divided into two parts, made of scratch-proof stratified ceramic with heated glass which can be easily removed for cleaning thanks to the stainless steel handle. The working temperature of the heated top can be adjusted from the electronic control panel up to a maximum of 80°C.

Non Refrigerated (N)


• 1 glass shelf (H135)

Non-refrigerated display case suitable for bakery products such as brioches and croissants.

Metro Combi non-refrigerated

The start-up of the refrigerated and non-refrigerated version is possible in the upper compartment of Metro Combi, thanks to a bottom placed on the back of the display case, easy and fast.


"Natural" advanced technology

The refrigeration system is a first-class example of advanced technology and sustainability: R290 natural refrigerant, ultra-efficient watertight compressor and electronic fan. Lower vibrations and noise levels, greater energy efficiency (up to 10% savings) and maximum environmental sustainability, because it is fully compatible with European F-GAS legislation.

Eco-sustainable insulation

The insulation with natural CO2 foam provides excellent insulation performance which helps to preserve the products perfectly and reduces consumption.

Natural refrigerant

-30% Noise

-10% Energy saving



A morning pick-me-up or afternoon snack; combine these options and many more with Metro Combi, the new ventilated display case for Pastry, Bakery, Food & Beverage. The combination of the upper compartment ST with a front glass and the lower compartment self service, together with the differents services, refrigerated, non-refrigerated and heated, make of Metro Combi the perfect choice for any shop.


Metro Combi can be multiplexed with Metro Combi and other models of the Metro range.


The Metro Combi display features two separate sections: the ST upper compartment with front glass for assisted service, and the self-service lower compartment.

Metro Combi

Refrigeration compartments

Ventilated refrigeration with single evaporator for both compartments. Refrigeration on the upper compartment can be turned off by pressing a button placed on the control panel. The upper compartment can also be switched into a dry heat plate thanks to the hot/cold function (optional).

Metro Combi | ISA


Product loading

In the upper ST compartment, access and product loading take place from the rear of the showcase through the polycarbonate sliding doors. The lower Self compartment is closed by means of an integrated night curtain.

Open storage compartment

On the back of Metro Combi there is a nonrefrigerated compartment for storage which is divided by an intermediate shelf, useful and easy for bar storage such as glasses or bags for Take Away.


The H135 version is available with an intermediate shelf to increase the exhibition of the display

Technical features

Metro Combi


  • Plug-in
  • Remote


  • Glass shelves 2 (H117)
  • Glass shelves 3 (H135)

Product temperature

  • -1/+5 °C
  • +14/+16 °C
  • +65/+80 °C


  • R290 (Plug-in)
  • R452A (Remote)


  • Ventilated


  • Hermetic


  • Off cycle

Climate class

  • 3 (25 C° / 60% RH)

Front glass

  • Double

Side glasses

  • Double

Rear closing system

  • Glass sliding doors

Opening system

  • Openable glass structure towards the bottom


  • 3000 K
  • 4000 K (optional)
  • 5000 K (optional)

Equipment handling

  • Swivel casters with brake


  • Heigh adjustable feet
  • Swivel casters with brake (optional)


  • White RAL 9003

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Juice Bar, Chef Express
service area, restaurant, diner, bar - 2020
Orio al Serio, Bergamo, Italy

Energy Label

Metro Combi H117 P100 L100117100Energy label
Metro Combi H117 P100 L130117130Energy label
Metro Combi H117 P100 L150117150Energy label
Metro Combi H135 P100 L100135100Energy label
Metro Combi H135 P100 L130135130Energy label
Metro Combi H135 P100 L150135150Energy label