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To be and appear

An high performance ice cream display case

Kaleido has a refined and functional design, designed in every detail to enhance the quality of the products. Such as the tilted tray, which allows normally hidden angles to be visible. Or the LEDs, which are ideal to highlight the range and enhance the customer’s favourite flavour. The solidity of Kaleido derives from the selection of top quality materials such as steel and glass. Reliability that is recognised and can be felt. Every day.

Plus Technology

Three different refrigeration systems

PLUS, Single evaporator with double front air out flow.
PLUS 1, Double evaporator with single air out rear flow.
PLUS 2, Double evaporator with double air out rear flow.

Technical features

InstallationPlug-in; Remote (optional)
Temperature-20/+2 °C
Product temperature-16/-14 °C
Climate class4 (30 C° / 55% RH); 7 (35 C° / 70% RH)
DefrostReverse cycle
Front glassHeated double glasses
Equipment handlingHeigh adjustable feet
Work topSolide surface white
Rear closing systemOperator side closure with sell-rolling curtain
Opening systemServo, bottom-up opening system
ConfigurationDual temperature (optional)
Height118; 136 (cm)
Width118; 168; 217 (cm)
Depth120 (cm)

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Gelateria Barni
Gelateria, Pasticceria - 2018
Riccione, Italy

Energy Label

KALEIDO PLUS R290117120Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS R290117170Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS R290117220Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS R290117120+50Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS R290117170+50Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS R290135120Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS R290135170Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS R290135220Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS R290135120+50Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS R290135170+50Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS1/ PLUS2R452A117120Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS1/ PLUS2R452A117170Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS1/ PLUS2R452A117220Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS1/ PLUS2R452A135120Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS1/ PLUS2R452A135170Energy label
KALEIDO PLUS1/ PLUS2R452A135220Energy label