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Essential design and high-level technical features

Essential design and high-level technical features

Supercapri is the synthesis of an essential design and high-level technical features. It is equipped with glass side windows with heated chamber and heatable laminated front glass that can be opened.


Three different ventilations enhance the technical performance:

PLUS single evaporator with frontal dual airflow. PLUS 1 dual evaporator with single rear air flow. PLUS 2 dual evaporator with dual rear air flow.

Dual Temperature
Designed with maximum flexibility to allow seasonal product display management. The Dual Temperature function (optional) allows the display cabinet to change simply, the operating temperature for Ice Cream and Pastry Products. This allows one cabinet to offer seasonal flexibility without increasing floor space.

Technical features

InstallationPlug-in; Remote (optional)
Temperature-20/+2 °C
Product temperature-16/-14 °C
Climate class4 (30 C° / 55% RH); 7 (35 C° / 70% RH)
DefrostReverse cycle
LightingLed 5700 K
Front glassHeated stratified
Equipment handlingSwivel casters with brake; Heigh adjustable feet
Work topSolide surface white
Rear closing systemPolycarbonate sliding doors; Self-rolling curtain
Opening systemOpenable glass structure towards the bottom
ConfigurationCanalized (optional); Dual temperature (optional)
Height117; 135 (cm)
Width120; 170; 220; 120+50; 170+50; AE45 (cm)
Depth111 (cm)

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