How to choose a serve-over counter | ISA

How to choose a serve-over counter for cured meats and dairy products, ISA tips

How to choose a serve-over counter for cured meats and dairy products, ISA tips | ISA

For a minimarket, a delicatessen or a deli store, the choice of a refrigerated counter for cured meats and dairy products is crucial. In addition to aesthetics, the most important criteria to consider are practicality and energy efficiency.
Here some factors to take into consideration not only from a technical point of view.

Delicatessen displays: main features

One might think that the refrigerated counter is a pretty standard product. Actually, the various equipments present in the market differ significantly in terms of performance from one other. A fundamental aspect concerns the refrigeration technology, as well as consumption, climate class and energy-saving options. With equal dimensions, it is recommended to go for the latest generation of ventilated refrigeration equipment with humidity control, in order to safeguard the organoleptic qualities of the product and its perfect preservation. Furthermore, an element we should not underestimate is the noise: the best equipments, unsurprisingly, are designed to minimize hum and vibrations.

banco pentagram deli per il taglio della carne con salumi e carne esposti

A serve-over counter for displaying fresh meats and other deli products cannot overlook the convenience factor. The evaluation must include the counter ergonomics, the size of the work space— that is going to be supplied with slicers, scales, cash registers, blackboard and other accessories — as well as the durability and strength of the surfaces. Of course, the choice of materials and coverings should not satisfy a mere aesthetic — or budget— criterion, but it should take into account ease of cleaning, resistance to scratches, cuts and bumps, maintenance requirements, and so on. The dairy products and cured meats serve-over counter is also characterized by the possibility of having a refrigerated storage, a defrost function and a plug-in or remote unit-ready power supply. Among the possible options, there is also the manual night curtain or the sliding doors closure. Anyway, the display of cured meats and dairy product serve-over counter must be tailored to fit the square footage and the space organization. Having a dedicated design service allows you to optimize the square footage and the budget by integrating corners, display cases and other modules as needed.

Cured meats: the presentation of the gourmet product

In addition to ensuring optimal food preservation, the deli and dairy products serve-over counter must valorize the product presentation. A good example is the Pentagram Deli, among the top proposals in the ISA catalog. The serve-over counter is a jewel of technology, thanks to its refrigeration system with automatic defrosting and relative humidity control. The use of natural refrigerant combines environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

From an aesthetic point of view, Pentagram Deli systems stand out for their elegance and a total vision presentation that enhances the product and the management. The ventilated refrigeration counters can also be equipped with LED lighting and front-tilt glass. As for materials, the cured meats and dairy products counter — designed specifically for gourmet deli — can be customized as desired by choosing from numerous finishes, textures and colors. Always eye-catching, for example, is the combination of stainless-steel service countertop with light wood surfaces. A prestigious alternative are white marble-effect finishes with gray and gold veins, as well as dark panels with matte, gloss or metallic finishes. Bases, legs and profiles can be painted in contrasting or tone-on-tone finishes also with RALs of your choice.