Euroshop 2023: Innovation, Sustainability, Action | ISA

Euroshop 2023: ISA Market Overview

Euroshop 2023: ISA Market Overview | ISA

ISA: Innovation, Sustainability, Action.

From 26 February to 2 March Euroshop 2023 came to life in Düsseldorf, the world’s number 1 trade fair dedicated entirely to the retail trade, which this year had the following payoff “EuroShop 2023. Everything that moves you!”. ISA attended the important triennial event presenting many new proposals in a stand of about 500 square metres.
New collections, evolutions of leading products and new technologies, all linked by one fundamental thread: the constant commitment to innovation and our mission in favour of sustainability.

Sustainability is ISA’s keyword, in fact all new products presented at Euroshop 2023 use only 100% natural refrigerants.

These are ISA’s objectives in terms of sustainability:

  • Target Scope 1: NET Zero by 2025
  • Target Scope 2: Zero from 2021
  • Target Scope 3: -30% by 2030

Main ISA highligts presented at Euroshop 2023

Smartflex 2

In terms of innovation, ISA’s exclusive patented Smartflex touchless tehnology enhances performance.
Smartflex is the revolutionary mobile baffle system with automatic opening that has introduced a new display concept to the world of professional refrigeration. In fact, Smartflex technology makes it possible to increase sales and strengthen the relationship with the consumer through a new, unique shopping experience while at the same time reducing consumption.
The brand new version of Smartflex 2 reduces the number of doors from 6 to 4, guaranteeing greater visibility (per 125 cm pitch) and making access to the display area even easier.

Find out more about Tecnologia Smartflex.

Panda 2 Plug-in in class A

ISA presented for for the Euroshop 2023 stage, the evolution of the Panda 2 wall-mounted display unit in plug-in version, in both positive temperature (TN) and negative temperature (TB) versions. The Panda 2 125 TN 3M0 model has achieved the remarkable goal of Energy Class A, along with Galaxy TN and GE, minimising energy consumption and achieving the highest level of performance efficiency.

Find out more about the Galaxy range


ISA also offers large supermarkets the revolutionary Smartloop closed-loop system for cooling the condensation water. Combined with plug-in models with a water-cooled R290 refrigeration unit, it is the ultimate solution for removing the heat input into the sales environment, but with the cost and installation time of a plug-in counter, making it possible to dispense with remote centralised systems.

Find out more about Smartloop.

Power Unit

A product range with an integrated Power Unit was also offered at Euroshop, a stand-alone refrigeration unit comprising all the components necessary to run the thermodynamic refrigeration and compression cycle. ISA’s Power Unit reduces operating costs by drastically cutting down routine maintenance time, is easy to reuse or recycle, is available in TN and TB versions, can be used in a wide range of different products, is easy to clean and install, is sustainable and is easily modified to keep up with the latest technological developments in its components.

ISA Connect

ISA has been using ISA Connect technology for some time now, whereby products are connected to facilitate predictive maintenance and remote monitoring of the operation of displays 24/7 all year round.

  • Remote maintenance of the main showcase functions.
  • Operating statistics and data analysis.
  • Integrated and connected premises.
  • ISA Connect technology applied to ISA’s wide range of products.
  • From the laboratory to the sales area, from the ice-cream parlour to beverages and large-scale distribution.

Jewels Collection

In addition, the range of the new Jewels collection is extended, a true platform of products that share the same construction logic: Pearl, Diamond, Amber, Coral and Onyx. The result is a harmonisation of lines and aesthetic continuity, while retaining the technical specificities of the individual models. From impulse open to maximum energy saving through Smartflex single-glazed, double-glazed with silk-screened frame, double-glazed with transparent frame and full glass. The Jewels range offers an extraordinary choice of applications.

ISA Superplug-in

The retail world is constantly evolving: new formats are emerging and developing rapidly, and roll-out times are becoming increasingly hectic. Refrigerated displays must ensure simplicity and flexibility in both design and installation, features typical of the
plug-in equipment. At the same time, however, refrigerated displays are required to carry volumes and performances that are normally only possible with remote installations: the new retail formats are designed to adapt both to the context of a hypermarket and to the medium and small surfaces of the urban fabric.
The synthesis of these two requirements gave rise to ISA Superplug-in, the new all-natural Plug-in category that has now expanded with Panda 2 TN and TB, Okys 2 and Amber. A series of products that, thanks to advanced technology refrigeration units based on natural refrigerants, makes it possible to maximise facing and display volumes, reduce consumption and noise emissions, making it possible to create entire supermarkets with plug-in installation.


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