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Panda TN

Panda TN | ISA

Panda 2 in class A

Panda 2 is a class A wall-site display with doors for the sale of pre-packed products: meat, sausage and dairy products, fruit and vegetables. With the 125 TN 3M0 model, it has reached the remarkable milestone of energy class A.

Class A

The class A version of the Panda 2 – model 125 TN 3M0 – allows energy consumption to be minimised (-30%) and the highest level of performance efficiency to be achieved

Panda TN | ISA

Technical features

InstallationPlug-in air-cooled; Plug-in water-cooled
Product temperature0/+2 °C
DefrostOff cycle
Climate class3M0
LightingLED lighting on canopy; Undershelf LED lightning optional
Side panelsPanoramic with safety glass; Blind
DoorsDouble glass doors
Equipment handlingHeigh adjustable feet
Inside colorRAL
Outside colorRAL
Side colorRAL
Height205, 225 (cm)
Width125 2p, 250 4p, 375 6p (cm)
Depth85, 100, 115 (cm)

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Market - 2020
Balestrate, Palermo, Italy

Energy Label

PANDA TN 85/205R290205125Energy label
PANDA TN 85/205R290205250Energy label
PANDA TN 85/205R290205375Energy label
PANDA TN 85/225R290225125Energy label
PANDA TN 85/225R290225250Energy label
PANDA TN 85/225R290225375Energy label
PANDA TN 100/205R290205125Energy label
PANDA TN 100/205R290205250Energy label
PANDA TN 100/205R290205375Energy label
PANDA TN 100/225R290225125Energy label
PANDA TN 100/225R290225250Energy label
PANDA TN 100/225R290225375Energy label
PANDA TN 115/205R290205125Energy label
PANDA TN 115/205R290205250Energy label
PANDA TN 115/205R290205375Energy label
PANDA TN 115/225R290225125Energy label
PANDA TN 115/225R290225250Energy label
PANDA TN 115/225R290225375Energy label