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Amber | ISA

Serve-over counter

Amber is a serve-over counter with straight lift-up glass, for the display of meat, dairy products, fresh and pre-packed products.


Serve-over or Self

The Amber counter is available in a served version, with front glass opening downward or upward, and a self-service version.

Amber | ISA

Technical features

InstallationRemote; Plug-in
Temperature0/+2 °C; +3/+5 °C
RefrigerantR744; CO2, HFC, Glycolic Fluid
DefrostOff cycle; Electric
Climate class3M0; 3M1
Front glassTempered glasses
Side glassesPanoramic safety glass; Double mirror
BumperStainless steel (optional)
DoorsManual night curtain (optional); Sliding doors (optional)
Height88 (Self); 113; 125 (cm)
Width93; 125; 187; 250; 312; 375; AE45; AE90; AI45; AI90 (cm)
Depth110 (vasca interna 90) (cm)

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