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Restart project
New normal, same habits


The world may have changed but good habits, such as enjoying a good coffee at the bar, remain the same.
With Restart we have tried to offer specific solutions to keep the consumer experience at the bar intact through three key concepts: safety, fast operations, customer ease.


Bar Pod

Happy distance, personal safety

Patent pending

Simple and effective. Bar Pod allows a new way to eat inside and outside the restaurant through three key concepts: safety, continued operations, customer ease.

Bar Pod

On the barista’s side 

It makes you work fast
ISA BAR-POD allows a high turnover of customers with no need to sanitize the tables at every use.
Your operational flows do not change
ISA BAR-POD allows the operator not to change the workflow. Customer orders will be served on a magnetic trays and customers themselves will connect them to their POD stands.
A new style of consumption
ISA BAR-POD can become a permanent feature of your store. The small size, its minimal design and its stainless steel construction make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Tax incentives
Since these are protective and spacing devices social, you could take advantage of the tax breaks provided by law. Please check with your consultant.

“Happy Distance” adhesive included and also a light bar, with magnetic coupling, allows to highlight the spacing between the tables and create lanes. 

Bar Pod

On the customer’s side

It makes him feel safe
ISA BAR-POD ensures safety distance between customers.
Coffee at the table
ISA BAR-POD provide customers with a simple, fast and safe way to enjoy their orders in their individual position.
His usual favourite bar
Entirely built in stainless steel, ISA BAR-POD is steady and and easy to sanitize; its minimal design will not alter the look of the store or the relationshiop between the barista and his customers.

Bar Shield

Bar Shield

Vantaggi per il barista 

It makes you work safe
ISA BAR-SHIELD offers operator protection along the entire length of the bar counter and in the checkout area, also allowing the right distance between customers.
Your operational flows do not change
ISA BAR-SHIELD allows the operator not to change the work flow and the “layout” of the bar counter. The wide opening on the bottom allows perfect cleaning of the consumable space between one service and another without having to leave the station.
Protect your investments
ISA BAR-SHIELD is completely transparent, not affecting the look of your store. It is modular (100 cm wide units) and allows full use of the service counter. It is firmly fastened to the counter and it can adjust in depth, adapting to different types of bar counters. It is easy to assemble and disassemble without permanent fixings.


Example set-up on a 250cm bar counter

Bar Shield

On the customer’s side 

It makes him feel safe
ISA BAR-SHIELD offers double protection allowing the right distance between customers, putting the operator in a safe condition.
Coffee at the counter
ISA BAR-SHIELD allows the customer to enjoy coffee and pastry at the counter with no need to take them away or have them delivered.
His usual favourite bar
ISA BAR-SHIELD is completely transparent, keeping intact the relationship with the design of their favorite place and with their favorite barista.

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