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The furnishing collection with simple, essential lines

ISA furniture proposals

Groove and Beat are multifood furnishing collections that have been added to an ISA product range that for over 60 years has distinguished itself for being able to translate the practicality and craftsmanship that characterise every project made by ISA into an industrial logic. They are versatile lines that can dialogue with each other to create a layout that can blend into the most diverse stylistic settings of foodservice businesses.

Whether the current look is industrial or Scandinavian, vintage or any other style, personalisation is a key value for both Groove and Beat. Thanks to a rich selection of materials, ISA offers a wide range of looks and finishes for its furniture lines to make your design unique and personalised while remaining in sync with the space’s concept. Both lines combine a strong emphasis on maximising your products’ visibility with professional refrigeration functions, from aspects dedicated to the ergonomics of the layout to improve your staff’s comfort to research into a welcoming design with a strong appeal to the public.

The Groove collection

Groove is the ISA furnishing collection for cutting-edge foodservice businesses, with simple, essential lines typical of a minimalist industrial style.

It has a bold look and was developed for a discerning market that is sensitive to a strong tendency towards trendy design.

Its presence within the venue is expressed through the rational simplicity of its geometric lines and the alternation of whole and detached volumes.

Groove | ISA
Groove | ISA


Modular shelving

The Beat furnishing system is completed with an industrialised system of modular Wallbar risers and shelves, consisting of tubular and modular shelves, closed hanging modules with customisable doors, trays and baskets dedicated to food display.