New multi-purpose showcases: Metro Combi and Non-refrigerated | ISA

New multi-purpose showcases: Metro Combi and Non-refrigerated

New multi-purpose showcases: Metro Combi and Non-refrigerated | ISA

Following the great success of the Metro multi-purpose showcase, which includes the Metro ST (served by operator) and Metro Self (self-service) versions, the range expands with two new models: Metro Combi and Metro non-refrigerated.

The Metro range offers multiple services: ventilated refrigeration, non-refrigerated, dry heat and chocolate with humidity control. This variety makes Metro the ideal display cabinet for all kind of venues ranging from pastry and bakery to food and beverage.


Metro ST and Metro Self


Metro Combi is ISA’s new multiservice showcase. Launched in February 2020 during the last edition of the Euroshop international retail trade fair in Düsseldorf, it received countless positive feedback from the professional visitors.

The main feature of the showcase are the two combined display compartments: an upper serve-over compartment closed by a straight front glass and a lower open front compartment for self service. Two compartments and multiple services: ventilated refrigeration, dry heat and non-refrigerated. Metro Combi is the ideal showcase for a countless number of products and for multi-functional venues.

Try your own favorite combination with Metro Combi

Metro Combi


Metro ST and Metro Combi now are also available as non-refrigerated version, the perfect showcases for bakery. The star-up of the refrigerated and non-refrigerated versions is possible on the upper compartment of Metro Combi thanks to a bottom placed on the back of the display case, easy and fast.

Lots of choices, just one display case: don’t waste your time and go to find out more about the world of  Metro and Metro Combi!