Euroshop 2020, One stop shopping for unique multi-specialty food display equipment | ISA

One-stop-shopping for unique “multi-specialty” food display equipment

One-stop-shopping for unique “multi-specialty” food display equipment | ISA

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Following the great success of the Host fair in Milan dedicated to hospitality, where collections by designers of the caliber of Philippe Starck and Antonio Citterio were presented, ISA meets the appointment with the most important fair in the world of the retail trade as a leading player.

In particular, Euroshop 2020 has strengthened the collaboration between ISA and the great italian designer expand: design rigor and elegance thus make their appearance into the world of retail trade with highly innovative solutions for upright displays and refrigerated counters.

Pentagram Flat and Bakery, design by Antonio Citterio

Pentagram Flat and Bakery, design by Antonio Citterio

New products designed by Antonio Citterio enrich the Pentagram collection of counter systems, and the HIZONE brand dedicated to frezeers, chillers and blast chillers for gelato, patisserie and gastronomy. An exclusive proposal on the retail world scene comes to life: an integrated, coherent system with a very high content of technology and design, which allows to harmonize, in the same environment, the surfaces dedicated to retail, in-store consumption and preparation, all united by the trait of one of the most appreciated designers in the world.

Pentagram Deli, design by Antonio Citterio

Pentagram Deli, design by Antonio Citterio

ISA stands out as a first-comer also in terms of technological innovation, setting the cardinal points for the future of refrigeration aiming at performance and environmental sustainability: the Smartflex automatic door system, now available on all ISA vertical multidecks; the use of natural refrigerants; cyclopentane tanks-foaming; the use of recycled and recyclable materials; high performance technical features such as electronic fans and variable speed compressors; easy maintenance and cassette cooling units, which extend the lifetime of our products; finally, digital tools such as ISA Connect (Internet of Things) and Focus (precision marketing system), which translate into enormous advantages such as predictive service, remote management and targeted merchandising strategies.

Hizone, frezeers, chillers and blast chillers top-of-the-range for gelato, patisserie and gastronomy

New Hizone Aliant

ISA also enriches its range of showcases, uprights and plug-in islands dedicated to convenience stores, where efficiency, modularity, compact dimensions and the Smartflex system act as a common denominator.

ISA also defines a new category of plug-ins: the Superplug-in. The world of retail is constantly evolving: new formats are born and develop rapidly, and roll-out times are increasingly hectic. Refrigerated displays must guarantee simplicity and flexibility both in the design phase and in the installation phase, typical features of plug-in equipment. At the same time, however, refrigerated displays are required to load high product volumes, with performances that are normally achieved only with remote installations: new retail formats are designed to adapt both to hypermarkets and to the medium and small surfaces of the urban context.

From the synthesis of these two requirements ISA Superplug-in has been conceived: a series of products with advanced technology natural refrigerants cooling units that allow maximum facing and display volumes, reduce energy consumption and noise emissions, making it possible to design entire supermarkets with plug-in installations.

Onyx, remote semi-vertical multideck with doors for packaged products: meat, dairy products, fruit&vegetables

Coral D, remote multideck with doors for of packaged products: meat, dairy products, fruit&vegetables

Coral with Smartflex technology

Galaxy Smartflex and Galaxy TB

Düsseldorf has been the theater for the presentation of a completely renewed range of vertical and semivertical multidecks from the Tasselli line with remote refrigeration. A new homogeneous platform with cutting-edge technical solutions, which fits perfectly into the tradition of Tasselli: endless possibilities of configurations applied to a large range of modules and dimensions, suitable for small, medium and large retail spaces. Versatility and flexibility are the key bond between Tasselli and their customers: individual solutions to individual layout needs, based on the best of refrigeration technology and design.

Okys, panoramic islands TB/TN

Hizone, Top wine and Gourmet chillers

Tribeca District, modular system with Metro Combi and Metro ST 


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