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The new exponent of the elegance

Diva is the new exponent of the elegance by Isa

A perfect balance between design, aesthetics and functionality that enhances the food appeal of the product and gives a touch of charme to the environment, thanks to the volumes, that fit together in
a harmonious way, the wide transparent surfaces of the glass frame (without front pillars and with lateral pillars that have reduced thickness) and thanks to the sober and refined nuances of the front and side panels.

Technical features

InstallationPlug-in; Remote (optional)
ConfigurationCanalized (optional); Dual temperature (optional)
Temperature-20/+2 °C
Product temperature-16/-14 °C
Upper glassSingle
Front glassHeated single glass
Side glassesHeated stratified
DefrostReverse cycle
Climate class4 (30 C° / 55% RH); 7 (35 C° / 70% RH)
Opening systemOpenable glass structure towards the bottom
Rear closing systemOperator side closure with sell-rolling curtain; Polycarbonate sliding doors
Work topSolide surface white
LightingLed 5700 K
Equipment handlingSwivel casters with brake; Heigh adjustable feet
Height125; 140 (cm)
Width120; 170; 220; 120+50; 170+50; AE45 (cm)
Depth110 (cm)

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Energy Label

DIVA PLUS R290125120Energy label
DIVA PLUS R290125170Energy label
DIVA PLUS R290125220Energy label
DIVA PLUS R290125120+50Energy label
DIVA PLUS R290125170+50Energy label
DIVA PLUS R290140120Energy label
DIVA PLUS R290140170Energy label
DIVA PLUS R290140220Energy label
DIVA PLUS R290140120+50Energy label
DIVA PLUS R290140170+50Energy label
DIVA PLUS1 / PLUS2R452A125120Energy label
DIVA PLUS1 / PLUS2R452A125170Energy label
DIVA PLUS1 / PLUS2R452A125220Energy label
DIVA PLUS1 / PLUS2R452A140120Energy label
DIVA PLUS1 / PLUS2R452A140170Energy label
DIVA PLUS1 / PLUS2R452A140220Energy label