Ice cream parlor equipment: what professionals need | ISA

Ice cream sales: the professional equipment you need

Ice cream sales: the professional equipment you need | ISA

Technical arrangements for selling ice cream have three main goals: ensuring the perfect visibility of the product, its perfect storage and the high level of service. What are the must-have machines for the preparation and storage of artisanal ice cream and what does the cost of ice cream shop equipment depend on? 

Professional display cases for selling ice cream  

Setting a budget for artisanal ice cream parlors is no easy task. The level of equipment, as well as production and sales volumes, inevitably influence costs, especially if the goal is to offer the highest quality of product and service. The first aspect to consider is the set-up of the shop and, therefore, the choice of professional ice cream counters. The ideal is to combine high technical performance and top-notch design to emphasize product appeal. One example is ISA’s Stratos, the high-end professional display case that combines style and advanced technical performance. These include three types of ventilation to maintain a perfect temperature and humidity level.  

isa stratos

The technical and aesthetic quality of the displays is essential to sell ice cream and to enhance all aspects of the product: a goal perfectly achieved by the Supercapri display cases, equipped with heated glass to handle all weather conditions and to easily manage the condensation problem. Great efficiency is also guaranteed by the refrigeration systems of the Millennium display cases, with automatic reverse cycle defrosting and energy-saving electronic fans. Aside from the great technical quality, the elegance of the lines is expressed to the fullest by the Diva displays and the Oneshow showcases, one above all the Stand version with pedestal. Not less seductive is the Oneshow Base version, with a distinctly contemporary look that shares with the previous model its exceptional product visibility and the minimized footprint. There is no shortage of options to go for a more “basic” model with pivoting wheels, the Oneshow Free display case with plug-in or remote installation, available as an option. All the mentioned variants can be equipped with Dual Temperature configuration to easily transform the display from an ice cream display case to a pastry display case. In addition, the layout can be customized with a wide range of finishes and premium materials.

The equipment for the ice cream laboratory

The “behind-the-scenesis equally important: the choice of machines for the production laboratory is crucial and greatly affects the cost of ice cream equipment. Beyond freezers, pasteurizers and other specialty machines such as emulsifiers and cream cookers, maximum attention must be paid to the selection of refrigerated cabinets and blast chillers. ISA’s Lab catalog is a guarantee, thanks to a complete range of equipment for handling and storing ice cream and pastry products, equipped with static or ventilated refrigeration systems. Lab cabinets and blast chillers, like Zero blast chillers, represent the perfect synthesis of power, ergonomics and environmental sustainability at the service of ice cream parlors (and more). 

For the preservation and storage of artisanal ice cream, Labor Plus and Magnum Plus products are the benchmark. Easy to clean and ergonomic, GE Evo, GE Plus and Labor Plus storage cabinets are perfect for everyday use and to simplify everyday maintenance. Designed for storing ice cream, sticks, parfaits, ice cream cakes and mousses, they are equipped, depending on the model, with a ventilated or static refrigeration system with stirrer. Among them, Magnum Plus stands out for its high loading capacity and versatile set-up.