How to furnish an ice cream shop | ISA

How to furnish an ice cream shop: tips, basic tools and trends

How to furnish an ice cream shop: tips, basic tools and trends | ISA

The contemporary ice cream shop is versatile, efficient and visually essential. At the same time, it is increasingly attentive to innovative solutions in terms of technology, to simplify the service and achieve the highest level of quality. The keystone of the project is the display case for the ice cream. Once the “heart” of the store has been defined, everything else comes naturally. Here are the must-haves and top furnishings for modern ice cream parlors and gourmet display cases.

Ice cream bar furnishing: refrigeration systems

In order to guarantee the excellence of the product in every condition, before the aesthetic aspect it’s necessary to evaluate the technical issues related to the cold management. The refrigeration of artisan “gelato”, sticks and single portions is aided by intelligent ventilation systems, with single or double evaporator and air delivery, adjustable baffles and smart defrosting function. All this allows to enhance the appearance of the “gelato” and to safeguard its organoleptic characteristics. The most sophisticated systems, moreover, allow to calibrate the refrigeration modes according to the type of product displayed. Thanks to the dual zone function, the ISA display cases allow for the management of two different temperatures within the same gelato display case: for example, sorbets at -12°C, creams at -15°C or slushies at -7°C.

Another strategic function is the optional “Dual Temperature“, which allows for the use of a multifunctional display case in order to vary the offer according to the season: if necessary, the gelato display case can be easily transformed into a pastry display case, simply by pressing a button.
Thanks to the multplexing systems, the multi-service showcases combine efficiency, service versatility and aesthetic value. The layout can be customized by placing side by side showcases for ice cream, pastry, chocolate and hot food with the same aesthetic profile without solutions of continuity.

Arredare una gelateria di tendenza

From a layout perspective, ice cream shop furniture systems offer a wide range of possibilities for material and finish choices. Refrigerated displays can be styled with smooth or milled panels and tops ranging from white and golden white marble to graphite effect. The panels can be textured in teak, oak or other types of wood, or decorated with bespoke paints in the shades of the RAL scale. The quartz solutions for the top coating are highly prestigious, in dark or very bright versions, as in the case of the sand and beige shelves. The aesthetic personality of the display cabinets can also play on the contrast with profiles, legs and bases painted in bronze, copper or other trendy shades such as blue-grey.

The furnishings for ice cream parlours and gourmet pastry shops are now available in a “chic” version: among the most refined options for the display of artisanal gelato and  pastry products are the Pentagram systems, the absolute excellence of the ISA catalog. The  ABACO range, which features innovative professional solutions, is one of the company’s leading products. The DLT80 ice cream display cabinet is only 80 centimetres deep and boasts a double row of 5-liter tubs, guaranteeing complete customization of the front and sides of the unit and perfect alignment with the Drop-in counters. As a reference point for the design of display layouts and static and ventilated refrigerated display cases, ISA is also a reliable partner when it comes to laboratory set-ups. The catalog offers a complete range of cabinets, blast chillers, refrigerated tables and high-performance equipment, with proposals aimed at optimizing space by combining quality and energy savings.