Furnishing a mini market | ISA

How to furnish a mini market

How to furnish a mini market | ISA

Ensuring the perfect preservation of the products, whether refrigerated or not, offering them the right amount of attention and simplifying their operation: there are many things to keep in mind when planning the furnishing of a mini-market. What are the fundamental equipment and the most innovative proposals for setting up the point of sale?

Refrigerated Displays

Setting up wall and gondola shelving and fruit and vegetable displays is only the first step in furnishing a mini market. The choice of refrigerated counters, display islands and professional refrigerated displays is much more demanding: not forgetting, of course, the cash register and its electronic components, as well as the preparation of the warehouse area.

The range of wall-mounted display cases for fresh, pre-packaged and frozen products is vast and includes, in addition to the more traditional options, state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Smartflex system with patented ISA technology. In terms of traditional equipment, it’s also possible to opt for open or double-glazed display cases, with plug-in or remote installation: this is the case, for example, with the Coral or Multiview display cases, both of which feature optional shelf lighting. Remote installation is also available for large displays with lengths of several meters. The same is true for combined display cases, complete with display case and tub, which are used to display ice cream and other frozen products.

For the furnishing of a convenience store, a valid option is the compact display case. Among the most avant-garde ones on the market are the wall-mounted displays with Smartflex technology, equipped with a system of mobile baffles and an on-demand opening system, which allow for energy savings of up to 40%, in addition to enhancing product visibility. The equipment of the mini market, in terms of refrigerated counters, can be completed with multifunctional showcases – equipped with refrigerated, non-refrigerated or hot service, depending on the compartment and the respective product category – and with checkout displays for ice cream and promotional offers.

Refrigerated counters for cold cuts and cheeses

Another crucial choice for the furnishing of the mini market is the classic cutting counter for cold cuts, meat and dairy products with relative back counter, scales and positions for slicers. In addition to their size, food refrigeration counters differ in terms of climate class and refrigeration and defrosting methods: the most modern equipment obviously guarantees better performance in terms of consumption and more. In addition to openable tempered glass panes (curved or not), panoramic sides and stainless steel service top, the refrigerated counters can boast customized features from an aesthetic point of view, such as the external finish with a choice of RA

Plug-in Panoramic Islands and Superplug-in Displays

The plug-in panoramic islands are one of the leading products of the ISA catalog for the furnishing of mini markets. One of these products is the Okys, a dual-temperature (positive and negative) ductable panoramic island. Modularity, display capacity and design make Okys the ideal solution for projects of all sizes, for the sale of frozen or fresh products. Thanks to its low noise and heat emissions, the Okys refrigerated island is comparable to remote solutions, and in this version is absolutely incomparable.

The ISA Superplug-in range reflects the evolution of the retail world and the demand for simple, flexible and high-performance solutions: not only in terms of energy consumption, but also in terms of facing and display volumes. Superplug-in equipment combines the advantages of remote solutions – i.e. reduced energy consumption, low noise emissions, large display volumes, easy maintenance, ducted counters – with the convenience of plug-in refrigeration counters. There is no need to lay pipes, there is no need to allocate specific rooms to house the refrigeration system, and total flexibility is guaranteed in the event of changes to the layout of the room. Thanks to these features, refrigerated display units can be easily adapted to the contexts of hypermarkets and small and medium-sized stores. The range includes panoramic islands, cutting counters and ductable refrigerated wall displays.