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Conservation of chocolate, the importance of humidity and its control

Conservation of chocolate, the importance of humidity and its control | ISA

Chocolate and pralines are not just any gastronomic creations: they are authentic bijou and, as such, they deserve a worthy presentation, not only from an aesthetical point of view, but also from an exquisitely technical one. Besides maximizing the visibility and the attractiveness of the product, the perfect display case must keep its promises during the tasting phase. In other words, it must guarantee an impeccable preservation and preserve the organoleptic qualities of the sweets. Among the indispensable features of chocolate display cases, the most important one is the ventilated refrigeration system: in order to obtain excellent results, it is also important to use equipment equipped with special kits for the control of relative humidity.  

Humidity control and zero condensation

The control of relative humidity is an essential element for the conservation of chocolate creations. In order for the taste and appearance of the pralines to remain intact, this parameter should ideally be kept below 50%. ISA display cases are designed to maintain ideal conditions of humidity and temperature, thanks to a series of state-of-the-art technical solutions. In addition to the classic static version, these display cases are equipped with ventilated refrigeration, which has been specifically designed for this type of product. The ad hoc display cases – as well as the multifunctional displays – are also equipped with dedicated electronic kits for the regulation of relative humidity. The Cristal Tower Tower display cases, in addition, offer the Antifog system – available on request – to prevent the fogging of the glass panes after the opening of the compartment. This optional, together with the side and frontal heated double glazing, guarantees the perfect management of condensation, a factor that can affect the quality and aesthetics of the product.

Display Cases Oneshow with gelato and pastry

Professional gelato, pastry and chocolate display cases Oneshow by Isa

The right temperature for every need

The optimal preservation of chocolate, of course, also depends on the temperature. Avoiding sudden changes in temperature also allows avoiding the so called “blooming”, that is the formation of a white patina due to the non homogeneous crystallization of the food. The precise management of temperature is doubly important in the case of multifunctional display cases, designed to host – simultaneously or not – various types of fresh products. Let’s think, for example, of Metro display cases, equipped with a ventilated refrigeration system, humidity control and hot plate, for the simultaneous sale of pastry, bakery and food & beverage products.

Among the most versatile pieces of equipment are the Oneshow display cases, equipped with a Dual Temperature system to vary the offer according to the season, alternating ice cream and pastries. In just a few steps it is possible to create the perfect conditions for the preservation of chocolate (by setting the temperature to +14/+16 °C), pastry products (+1/+10 °C) and ice cream, with temperatures ranging from – 20 °C to + 2 °C. According to specific needs, the defrosting mode will also vary, with Off Cycle (compressor stop) for chocolate and pastry products, or Reverse Cycle (reverse cycle) for ice cream.

Professional display cases with pastry and chocolate Pagoda K

Professional pastry and chocolate display cases Pagoda K by Isa

Quality in view

Pralines and chocolates capture the eye like miniature jewels. They must be treated with constant attention to detail: to improve their layout and manage them more easily, specific display kits are also available. This is the case of the accessories included in the Pagoda K display case, which is the result of a concept developed by ISA in collaboration with the maitre chocolatier Ernst Knam. Thanks also to the possibility of channelling the modules – with plug-in or remote installation systems – the ISA systems offer practically infinite options in terms of layout. Among the most interesting choices are the display cases equipped with Full Led lighting systems.