Furnishing a bar: trends | ISA

Bar furniture: trends, tips and innovations

Bar furniture: trends, tips and innovations | ISA

Furnishing a bar is a complex challenge. What style to choose? What equipment to focus on to create quality and optimize the budget? There are many questions to answer. Here are some tips for buying modern bar counters and setting the look and layout of the bar.

Minimal, rustic or chic trend?

The aesthetic imprint is fundamental to furnish a bar and to give personality to the place. When defining a furnishing project, it is useful to have a reference style to be inspired by, to enhance the contemporary mood or to create, on the contrary, a more “classic” atmosphere. An excellent compromise is given by the industrial chic style, always trendy and interpreted in a more or less vintage version. Playing on contamination, in any case, is a valid strategy to give the space a recognizable identity and go along with the latest trends without submitting to fads that are too ephemeral. Aiming at aesthetic cleanliness is an absolute guarantee, as is investing in high quality materials. A bar furniture of this kind – let’s think especially of bar counters and displays – will prove to be extremely versatile: an authentic evergreen to be reinterpreted, if necessary, with new accessories and decorations.

Bar counter: the business card of the place

The bar is, by definition, a meeting place and the counter is the fulcrum around which the life of the place revolves. Bar counters and back counter units must be integrated into a coherent furnishing scheme, by means of display cases and showcases – which are differentiated according to the type of product and the required temperature – as well as shelves, wall-mounted risers and other bar modules. Under the ABACO brand name, ISA has launched a complete range of semi-finished products and accessories for the creation of any type of layout solution for bars, ice cream parlours, pastry shops, bakeries, snack bars and self-service restaurants.

From an aesthetic point of view, the choice of materials and coverings must harmonize with the personality of the bar. A bar with a daytime vocation, for example, may favor bright colors, such as white and light wood, with panels and tops in oak or beige sand. On the other hand, a bar with a more “glamorous” soul may choose to focus on black surfaces and metal finishes, combined with mixers and accessories in shiny steel or matte black, depending on preference.

This is, as evident, a simplification: the distinction between “city bar” and “cocktail bar” at night, in fact, has been overcome by the tendency to try to exploit all the moments of the day: from breakfast, to the pre-lunch aperitif, to lunch, to the pre-dinner aperitif, to dinner and even after dinner. The choice of materials and aesthetics, consequently, must be transversal to the different moments. There is no single rule and each style can have different declinations: the important thing is to integrate the various elements in an organic way, to achieve maximum visual harmony and functionality. The great adaptability of ISA’s solutions is a plus: thanks to the vastness and versatility of the offer, our service allows for the design of a venue that guarantees an all-round service.

Exhibitors: focus on quality (and versatility)

the classic chalkboard to the extra-clear glass display cases with treats and pastries, every detail counts. Beyond the presentation, the choice of equipment must also meet strict quality criteria. The ISA range also offers a diversified range of options for the selection of refrigerated upright display cases for fresh beverages, sweet and savoury snacks. The catalog includes promotional checkout displays and compact multifunctional displays, as well as the most innovative proposals, such as touchless technology displays.

ISA’s Pentagram line, in particular, offers customized configurations based on the type of product, with state-of-the-art solutions for the refrigeration and preservation of food and beverages. The Dual Temperature function allows for the instantaneous variation of the temperature – from negative to positive and vice versa – in order to transform the ice cream display case into a pastry display case. This is just one example of how technology can meet the needs of an efficient and dynamic establishment that is attentive to the demands of its clientele.

The new Metro Combi display case is designed for the simultaneous sale of hot snacks, beverages, pastries and bakery products. All this, thanks to the compartments equipped with refrigerated, non-refrigerated and hot service, in self-service mode or with operator-side service.
La vetrina Metro Combi, più nel dettaglio, è progettata per la vendita simultanea di snack caldi, bevande, prodotti di pasticceria e panetteria. Il tutto, grazie ai vani attrezzati con servizio refrigerato, non refrigerato e caldo, in modalità self service o con servizio lato operatore. The channelling of Metro ST e Metro ST Self showcases is always in the perspective of multifunctional premises.

ISA’s patented Smartflex technology is absolutely revolutionary: the displays equipped with touchless devices feature mobile deflectors and energy-saving automatic opening. In terms of consumption and sustainability, the added value of ISA’s solutions also derives from the use of natural R290 and R744 refrigerants, in compliance with the most recent European regulations. Equipping oneself with a product that’s at the forefront of the market offers various advantages, such as the possibility of attracting a young, environmentally and technologically aware target audience. Speaking of innovation:ISA Connect technology allows for the optimization of the maintenance and management of different products, remotely monitoring large-scale retail outlets, beverage services and ice cream parlours, with simplified and non-stop control of the laboratory and the sales area.