Street ice cream sale: the equipments | ISA Italy 

Street ice cream sale: everything you need to know 

Street ice cream sale: everything you need to know  | ISA

Selling ice cream outdoor is an ancient art that coexists today with innovative equipment. Ice cream street displays evoke the charm of a time long past: the ice cream cart knew how to bring happiness to young and old alike, calling everybody together to celebrate a typically Italian summer ritual. Today as then, the summer season – and not only – rhymes with homemade ice cream: modern refrigerated counters, at the same time, have undergone a strong evolution from a technical point of view, turning into small jewels of technology and design. Their attraction, however, remains the same, as evidenced by ISA displays designed for outdoor freestanding installations. 

Counters with static refrigeration system

The most important feature of an itinerant ice cream display is the ability to ensure efficiency and operational flexibility. This need, depending on the case, can be met by equipment provided with a ventilated or static refrigeration system, as long as the choice falls on a product with the highest standard. ISA display Il Gelataio – a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional refrigerated well counter – features a unique static induction refrigeration system based on “Multiplotechnology. This system offers great convenience, reducing the frequency of defrosting and maintenance activities. As for flexibility, up to 3 different operating temperatures can be managed, depending on the version chosen, with 4 or 8 carapins. In climate class 7, the mobile display ensures excellent ice cream storage at the temperatures between -16° C and -14° C. 

Counters with ventilated refrigeration system

In the case of Carrettino, vintage charm doubles without sacrificing high technical quality. The monolithic body of the display is insulated with environmentally friendly CO2-expanded polyurethane (HCFC AND HFC free), while the on-board condensing unit features an efficient ventilated refrigeration system. Temperature stability and ice cream storage are optimized by the Carrettino Carapine, a reinterpretation of the refrigerated well cart. In climate class 4, it is ideal for freestanding and promotional installations even under challenging environmental conditions in terms of humidity and temperature. 


Design and optional

Aesthetics play an equally important role in street ice cream sales, and so does attention to details. Prêt-à-porter ice cream recalls, almost inevitably, nostalgic atmospheres. The Carrettino Classic and the Carrettino Carapine are an explicit tribute to the traditional ice cream cart, a timeless icon, thanks to details such as the folding sunshade awning. Along with the efficiency of the refrigeration system, operational convenience is provided by features such as the removable glass for optimal cleaning, electronic temperature control, and LED lighting system. Handling is facilitated by the pivoting front wheel with parking brake.   

Among the strengths of the Gelataio there is the possibility to customize the surface by applying full-height custom graphics with patterns and logos of your choice, as an alternative to the neutral stainless-steel version with a mirror finish. Aesthetics quality also emerges in the use of premium materials, such as the Corian that covers the work top. The patented design speaks for itself: it is a small masterpiece of essentiality that projects the style of yesteryear into the modern day. The refrigerated counter can also be equipped with cone holders and high bar. In any case, the retro charm is guaranteed just like the great service care.