Sigep 2019, ISA leading at 40th edition | ISA

Sigep 2019, ISA leading at 40th edition

Sigep 2019, ISA leading at 40th edition | ISA

This year 200.000 people have been at the 40th Sigep edition of Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), 32.848 were foreign buyers from 185 countries. The most large inflow of public have come from Germany and Spain followed by France, Poland and England. Significant markets such as the USA, Russia and China were also part of this fair.

The big international Italian Exhibition of artisan gelato and confectionery has been concluded with participation of 1.250 exhibitors which have been occupied an exhibition space of 129.000 square metres. 1.294 events were been organized by participating companies and more than 200 million of media contacts were been developed by 925 foreign journalist.

ISA has confirmed its presence as a leader in professional refrigeration and shopfitting for multiservice bar, ice cream shops and much more.


These are some of examples of ISA success at Sigep: 400 square metres of a completely renewed stand, 11 exclusive news presented in occasion of Sigep, more than 80 ISA products located in other stands, over 20 companies ‘partners of ISA, people of different nationalities who visited our stand and a tight-knit team of employees and partners.


HIZONE launching has been the biggest news for the Umbrian company, the new system of blast chillers and refrigerated cabinets uniquely combines the vision of Antonio Citterio and ISA technical experience. HIZONE is something that was not exist, it provides a range of wardrobe and table solutions with single or mixed function, to adapt it to any professional need in the world of ice cream parlours, patisseries and catering in general.

The challenging project of HIZONE is a perfect combination of the most advanced chilling technology and the impeccable aesthetics of a furniture collection. This outdoors kitchen laboratory has been created in occasion of Sigep and it has been confirmed as the perfect choice for the most prestigious restaurants and starred chefs.




The ISA stand spaces were harmoniously divided, the main example was our dual corner separated by HIZONE and Oneshow’s cabinet with our exclusive show technology.



Two new exhibitions and their multiple facets were showed at both sides of the aisle’s stand. Lumière, one of the new ISA collection of shopfitting and Factory with a modular furniture composed by our Kelly solutions cabinet.

Our brand ABACO and its back counters in stainless steel were shown in different places at ISA stand.




The topic of two of the corners stand were professional cabinets for gelato and pastry, Stratos which was launched for its first time at the last Sigep and Millenium this year in a completely new version much more developed.




The gelato and pastry maker chef Alessandro Racca made a line of special creations for Supercapri joined cabinet fixed at an angle of the stand. At the back of the stand there was a real gelato laboratory where fresh gelato was made every day by the gelato maker Davide Bruno.




The brand of ISA used to enhance Food&Bevarage industry was COF with its line of plug-in products.



We can proudly say that this Sigep edition has been an extraordinary success, we have worked so hardly to satisfy our customers this year also!

Thank to everyone who visited us and thank all our partners for sharing your energy.
And of course thank to ISA family! It was a wonderful Sigep!!!