ISA for the first pastry shop of Frau Knam | ISA

ISA for the first pastry shop of Frau Knam

ISA for the first pastry shop of Frau Knam | ISA

Saturday 2nd October in Via Anfossi 19, Milan was opened the first pastry shop signed Frau Knam, stage name of Alessandra Mion, the wife of the famous Maître Chocolatier Ernst Knam.

In arte Frau Knam. Dolcezze & Cioccolatois a pastry boutique, located in front of the historical Knam pastry shop, which combines exhibition and sale with the production of fresh and packaged creations. A mix of unique flavours and colours with surprising combinations: small chocolate jewels, spoon desserts, cakes, chocolate bars with original flavours, biscuits, jams, infusions, candies and original gadgets.

When you enter the pastry shop, born from the collaboration between Alessandra Mion and Ernst Knam, you will find a cosy and familiar atmosphere where high confectionery products are highlighted, as in a jewellery, by the professional displays cases of ISA Pentagram line.

The Pentagram Alpha display cases conceived by the Italian design master Antonio Citterio are characterized by a soft elegant aesthetic. They were chosen and personalized to fully reflect the style of Frau Knam. The cream-coloured top is highlighted by the outer metal cladding which recalls pure chocolate.

On the background, behind all the sweet preparations, you can also see the laboratory characterized by the stainless steel and screen-printed glass elements of the Hizone brand by ISA. It includes a professional system of blast chillers and refrigerated cabinets, result of the meeting between the vision of Antonio Citterio and ISA’s technical expertise.