ISA at Longarone, the artisan gelato capital | ISA

ISA at Longarone, the artisan gelato capital

ISA will be in Longarone (Belluno) at MIG, 58th International Artisan Gelato exhibition, from 3 to 6 December 2017.

Exhibition focus will be as always Italian traditions, artisan gelato as an Italian worldwide excellence and a tradition and innovation taste.
There will be different contests such as the historic Golden Cup, the final of the Carlo Pozzi Competition, Gelato shop in web, best gelato shop websites, and Mastri gelatieri, celebrating families and individual gelato makers who have exported this product around the world.

ISA will be in the artisan gelato capital, in collaboration with Carpigiani, and will be presented:

Combo – the new ISA modular and customizable elements system – previewed during the last Host Milano 2017.
Plus technology – for a total cold performances control – applied to Kaleido displays.
Show technology – for a best artisan gelato visibility and appeal – with Super Show and OneShow showcases.

Combo, Host Milano 2017.

Plus technology , Host Milano 2017.

Gelateria Oneshow e Super Show, Host Milano 2017.

OneShow carapine, Host Milano 2017.

We are waiting for you at MIG, follow us!

Where we are: Pavillion D, Aisle U/V, Stand 34-36/10-12.