Celebrate Gelato Day with the flavor of the year "Dolce Sinfonia" | ISA

Celebrate Gelato Day with the flavor of the year “Dolce Sinfonia”

Celebrate Gelato Day with the flavor of the year “Dolce Sinfonia” | ISA

Today, March 24th, we celebrate “The European Day of Artisan Gelato“. For the 10th edition of the special anniversary of Gelato DayDolce Sinfonia” has been chosen as the official flavor, according to the recipe signed by Silvia Chirico of Tenuta Chirico, made with chocolate, hazelnuts, fresh ricotta and figs in syrup with rum.

The idea of Gelato Day was born and took shape in 2009 and was presented for the first time at the Parliament in Strasbourg. It was then in 2012 that the “European Artisan Gelato Day” was officially established, emphasizing among the reasons that “among fresh dairy products, artisan gelato represents excellence in terms of quality and food safety, enhancing the agri-food products of each individual member state”.

The goal reached is very important! The only “Day” that the European Parliament has so far dedicated to a foodstuff is precisely that of artisan gelato.

It should be strongly reiterated that the “European Artisan Gelato Day” is the heritage of all gelato makers and of the entire supply chain.

Numerous events are scheduled for the day in Italy and abroad, not only to pay homage to one of the most beloved products of all time, but also to support the Ukrainian population with an artisanal gelato (on the site www.gelato-day.it you can see the list of gelato shops participating in the Day) or directly at home with Deliveroo, partner of Gelato Day.