How to fitting a small ice cream shop | ISA

Furnishing an ice cream shop of small size

Furnishing an ice cream shop of small size | ISA

What are the basic requirements

Small ice cream parlors require inch-by-inch design and extremely strict space division. Unlike larger stores and craft workshops, there is very little room to maneuver and so are the options for structuring environments. Perfectly integrating the various operating areas – ice cream display cases, cash register, counter and back counter of the ice cream parlour – is essential to make the areas dedicated to customers more usable and welcoming. What are the best solutions for optimizing space and ensuring service excellence?

The minimum equipment needed to set up a small ice cream shop

The minimum surface area of an artisan ice-cream parlour with take-away service is around 50 square metres, bearing in mind the need to provide a sufficiently large area for the laboratory and the warehouse. Beyond the square footage, key equipment includes a creamer and pasteurizer, professional ice cream display cases or “pozzetto” counters, blast chillers and positive or negative temperature refrigeration cabinets where ice cream tubs and frozen products are stored. ISA’s range of professional ice cream cabinets, refrigerated tables, display cases and wells caters to any type of requirement, and offers a dedicated design service that allows for the optimization of both large and small spaces, as well as the provision of all the necessary equipment.

Professional ice cream display cases Supercapri by ISA

Furnishing for artisan ice cream shops: a question of look and technology

From a design perspective, the challenge for a small ice cream shop is all about the details. Even a “minimal” point of sale, with a compact counter and limited operating and entertainment space, can be eye-catching. Even a simple bench with tables can be enough to welcome customers, as long as it is part of a coherent project. On the other hand, there is no need to compromise on technology: refrigerated display cases, counter and back counter must guarantee maximum practicality and optimal preservation of product quality. Ice cream display counters and showcases, specifically, must allow for efficient management of operating climatic conditions, including the most challenging ones.

By choosing ISA equipment, it is possible to take advantage of innovative ventilation systems with heated glass to eliminate the problem of condensation. Design and lighting are studied to improve the visibility of the products, also favored by the raised position of the tubs and the cold LED light to enhance the brilliance of the ice cream. Without forgetting the attention to ecology: the refrigeration system stands out for energy efficiency and sustainability, thanks to the use of natural refrigerant compatible with the European F-Gas standard. Energy consumption is low thanks also to the automatic defrosting with cycle inversion that reduces the time and maintains the quality of the ice cream surface. The excellent performance in terms of energy is also the result of the technology adopted for the cyclopentane insulation of the equipment with performances that are clearly superior to traditional systems.

Not only ice cream

Even in a small ice cream parlour, it is possible to differentiate the offer in order to attract different types of customers. If the available square meters allow it, it is useful to foresee, in addition to the gelato area, a counter for the display of pralines and other pastry products. These two categories of products can coexist within the same place, or alternate according to seasonality: an option, the latter, definitely interesting for smaller ice cream shops. In this case, it is necessary to focus on versatile and multifunctional ice cream cabinets, such as those equipped with Dual Temperature function. Thanks to this optional feature, a simple button is all it takes to convert the negative temperature into a positive one, thereby transforming the ice cream display case into a pastry display case equipped with trays.

Professional ice cream & pastry display cases Stratos by ISA

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