Professional Refrigeration

Absolute quality, innovative technology and exclusive design: these are the features offered by ISA refrigeration products. Each unit combines aesthetic beauty with maximum reliability, while guaranteeing the perfect preservation of any food product.

Ice cream display cabinets

ISA has taken it upon itself to renew the concept of the electronic refrigeration ice cream cabinet, which has been on the market for over 20 years and has come to play an extremely important role in the

Pastry display cabinets

While pastry display cabinets are crucial for the proper preservation of the pastry shop’s handmade products, they are also fundamental to a number of interior design aspects. ISA designs exceptional

Special Refrigerated Display Counters

ISA refrigerated display counters are capable of creating the perfect atmosphere for any locale in which an impeccable yet familiar design is a must.
ISA offers special refrigerated display counters that are

Chilled display cases

ISA chilled display cases are amongst the most innovative models available on the market. Specializing in the design of these models, the company offers innovative solutions that feature advanced technologies

Upright laboratory cabinets

ISA upright laboratory cabinets are completely reliable, and offer an innovative and modern design. Furthermore, the materials from which they are manufactured are selected according to specific criteria: in

Refrigerated counters

Thanks to the combination of modern technology and attention to detail, ISA refrigerated counters offer incredible performance.
The company’s staff has developed various models of refrigerated laboratory

Island display case

ISA refrigerated islands are designed to perfectly preserve and elegantly display any food products, such as meat, seafood, beverages, dairy products, cold cuts and vegetables.

The company offers a

Refrigerated display cases

Refrigerated display cases are a fundamental element for every food retailer. Since ISA understands the value and importance of these models, it has dedicated particular attention to the design and development

Upright display cabinets

ISA upright display cabinets are ideal for preserving and displaying any types of products, particularly frozen and pre-packaged goods.
The most important recent innovation in the category “upright

Over counter Plugin

ISA over counter plugins are perfect for displaying fresh products that require specific storage conditions in order to preserve their organoleptic properties, such as meats, cold cuts and cheeses.


Refrigerated Branded solutions

The company manufactures exclusive models, designed according to the customer’s exact specifications. 

ISA offers personalized support for the development of customized refrigerated branded

Multipurpose counters

The potentialities of multipurpose counters produced by ISA are unlimited, starting with the functionality, necessary to do whichever activity, even the most common and obvious, at whatever time. They