Exclusive Industry

Isa offers personalised support for the development of customised refrigerated branded solutions. This support includes consultations regarding design, performance and technology, as well as the selection of the most suitable materials, all in compliance with current environmental regulations and according to the customer’s specific needs.

The design process is based on specific research and processing procedures in order to identify the most appropriate production technologies, which are aimed at optimising the value of the purchase. Furthermore, rigorous testing is also carried out upon the first prototypes prior to production in order to ensure that the customer’s performance requirements have been satisfied.

Exclusive Format

Great, but flexible. Real ‘tailor-made’ service is such when it responds to the needs of clients, even when the needs are out of the ordinary. We work in three distinct levels of service:

                                    Basic: Supply of semi-finished products and technology to other operators who carry out the completion of the work.
                                    Standard: Providing what is included in the project, limited to furniture and technological elements.
                                    Full Service: A complete supply of what forms part of the project, in terms of furniture elements, technological elements, accessories..

Some references

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