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Vetrine Pasticceria Professionali

View the exclusive range of display cases reserved to professional pastry shops.

Millennium pas
The ventilated refrigeration pastry display cabinet with a finned evaporator.
An essential design and a wonderful look for ice creams give birth to OneShow.
Panavision pas
Is a low temperature display for ice cream cakes, frozen desserts and single portions.
Diva pas
Diva is the new exponent of the elegance by Isa: a perfect balance between design, aesthetics and functionality.
Kelly pas
Conservi, organizzi e presenti a regola d’arte tutti i tuoi prodotti, in ogni momento della giornata.
Is a real stage that perfectly enhances the food appeal of the products displayed thanks to the completely transparent glass structure.
3DShow pas
The 3DShow Pas pastry display cabinet represents the perfect way to exalt the food appeal of the displayed products
Pastry Supershow
È la vetrina pasticceria che valorizza ed esalta alla perfezione il food appeal dei prodotti esposti grazie alla totale trasparenza del castello vetri.
Olimpica pas
Olimpica is the pastry showcase designed with the attention paid to detail to meet any customer’s needs and to make unique the experience of product choice.
Kaleido pas
Is an innovative pastry display cabinet that’s equipped with ventilated refrigeration, as well as an exclusive “Full Mode” system
Metrò lx/st
Is the new pastry display cabinet created by ISA
Pagoda K
Created by ISA with Ernst Knam, is the new archetype of a professional confectionery display. Elegant, transparent, technological.
Cristal Tower
Catches the eyes of your customers and encourages them to buy your masterpieces.
Mito Winner
The Mito Winner is a ventilated refrigeration display cabinet that’s been specifically designed by ISA for use in ice cream parlours and pastry shops alike.
Panavision is a low temperature display case for ice cream cakes, frozen desserts and single portions.