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Pagoda K

Pure elegance for pastry

Created by ISA with Ernst Knam

Pagoda K, created by ISA with Ernst Knam, is the new archetype of a professional confectionery display.


Elegant, transparent, technological

It is elegant because the high quality of its structure and the “soft tissue” of its jute coating create a timeless design.
It is transparent because the extra-clear concave structural windows and the full LED lighting allow for an optimal view of the products.
It is technological, because thanks to the chocolate humidity control, either for static version or ventilated version it has a series of expedients that make the difference: deep adjustable shelves, increased cooktop, flip-open glasses, displaykit specific for chocolates, magnetic curtain hooks, extractable drawers and technical areas in order to plan the space in the best way.

Technical features

InstallationCondensing unit included (plug-in); Remote condensing unit included
Temperature+1/+10 °C
RefrigerationStatica; Ventilated
DefrostOff cycle
Equipment handlingHeigh adjustable feet
Opening systemOpenable glass structure towards the bottom
Work topIncreased worktop
Rear closing systemExtra-clear concave structural windows
Height135; 150 (cm)
Width129; 154; 179; 204 (cm)
Depth115 (cm)

Full LED lighting
Deep adjustable shelves
Customised front and sides
Extra transparent window

Extra transparent window

Plug-in: 1 drawer for 125-150
Plug-in: 1 drawers for 175-200

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