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Kelly pas

You'll perfectly store, arrange and display

all your products at any time of day.

Appeal without frontiers

With Kelly you’ll store, arrange and display all your products in state-of-the art fashion at any time of day: sweets and pastries, ice cream, cakes and pies, snacks, delicacies, minion appetizers for your happy hour and main courses for lunch or dinner.

The display decks are flush, with nothing but the glass separating the customer from the product. No barrier, no disturbing elements: for an appea-ling display.

Kelly Services

  • Extra-light finish tempered glass tower with LED lighting
  • Closing system with sliding elements
  • Piping between multiple elements of the same service
  • Front and Side Panels White RAL 9003 or choose from a selection of RAL

Kelly solutions are also available with R290 natural refrigerant.

Technical features

InstallationCondensing unit included (plug-in); Remote condensing unit included 0-35 mt
Temperature+4/+8 °C; +1/+10 °C; +14/+16; +65 °C; -14/-12 °C
RefrigerationVentilated; Statica; TCS (dry heated display cabinet); TCBM (Bain-marie hot display cabinet)
DefrostOff cycle
Equipment handlingHeigh adjustable feet
ConfigurationCanalized (optional)
Height117 (cm)
Width100; 125; 150; 175; 200; 150DX (angolare); 150SX (angolare) (cm)
Depth80 (cm)

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