New European Regulations Energy Label and Ecodesign | ISA

New European Regulations Energy Label and Ecodesign

New European Regulations Energy Label and Ecodesign | ISA

Energy Label professional equipment.

As of March 1, 2021, the European Energy Label Regulation 2019/2018 came into force for professional equipment. The purpose of the European Union is to reduce the environmental impact in terms of energy consumption by encouraging and promoting the sale of more efficient and sustainable products. Therefore, it will not be possible to sell non-compliant products within the European Union.

Energy Classes

Energy efficiency classes are based on the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI). The lower this value, the higher the energy efficiency. Energy labels rank products based on their energy consumption on a scale of A (most efficient) to G.

Road to 2030

The European classification is challenging, so in the first few years Class A and B will be achieved by very few products. Currently most products will be in class E or F, as they represent Europe’s challenge to have over 60% of products in class A and B by 2030.

In concrete terms

The label provides a series of immediate information in terms of Energy Class, volumes, annual consumption, etc.. It also includes a QR code that links to the technical data sheet containing all mandatory product information collected in the European database EPREL. Sales literature and the company’s website must also include mandatory product information.

Where to find the information

The mandatory information for both Energy Label and Ecodesign regulations is grouped within each product page. Go to Supercapri.

The energy classes of each product are summarized in a table and divided by height, length and refrigerant gas. Other information such as the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) and the annual energy consumption can be found on the product data sheet. A number of manuals – in compliance with the Ecodesign regulations – include user instructions on how to replace certain components without the help of a specialized technician. Finally, in the Service page you can be directed to the ticket management system and to the spare parts shop. Go to Service.

For information on the European regulations: EU harmonized standards for eco-design and energy labelling.